Hair Tuck

· reinventing effortless style ·

January 31, 2016


A take on “effortless style” that’s reinvented itself is the casual hair tuck. Because pulling your hair out of your turtleneck is just too difficult. #Sike.

#OnceUponATime, my hair was 12 inches longer. When I’d pull on oversize sweaters or turtlenecks, I remember taking a minute to reflect on the fact that maybe I should just keep it tucked in. But would that be weird? Yeah, I guess it would. So I untucked my hair and went on with my day. Little did I know, I would have been fine to keep it there. And it’s a good thing that, even though my hair is now short, it’s still convenient to tuck it in and even better, it’s officially made its comeback since fall/winter 2014 and is #trending — according to a variety of sources. And Instagram feeds.

photos, Kudzu Brands

Next time you’re having a bad hair day, your hair is getting caught on your bulky turtleneck, or your hair just so happens to casually get tucked under your scarf or necklace, just leave it there. Or, plan for it as part of your #ootd with your jacket, scarf, necklace and have fun with it!

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January 31, 2016