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Black Boots And A Bow

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February 24, 2016

Boots on, cue high pony.

These black boots were love at first sight. And this #ootd just kind of came together. It was one of those things where I tried it on like, “Eh, I doubt I’ll wear this but I’ll just see how it goes.” And then before I knew it I was doing a high pony, putting a black bow in my hair and I was out the door. Because for some reason it just wouldn’t have been the same without a bow.

On that note.

My mom glued big bows to my head my whole childhood — okay not literally, I always had enough red hair for her to clip them right up there. The bows were about as big as my head for a good amount of time. As I got older bows evolved into ribbons — I had my ballet ribbons, nice ribbon for fancier occasions, casual ribbons and #gameday ribbons (soccer). Opposing team fans used to always make fun of my bows from the stands, but it was just who I was so I didn’t care. 🙂

I was so excited when I tied my bow. It brought back a lot of memories and feelings and mostly, I was just like, Why did I ever stop wearing bows!? (Story for another day.) When I told my mom I was wearing a bow, she said, “You’ve spent more time of your life wearing bows than not wearing bows!” And then it also hit me, Why do we grow out of things? Or at least think we grow out of things? (Also a story for another day. Cue a new #justathought.)

Outfit Side Notes

Black Boots. Yes, they were love at first sight. Tried on two sizes. Walked around the store in each pair for at least five minutes. Re-tried on the pair I wanted and looked in every mirror in the store. “I can’t leave the store without these.” And sooooooo I followed my heart and I certainly did not leave the store without them! The mixed textures and gold accents had me like, “hey you’re mine.”

Shirt + Vest. I definitely never planned to wear this shirt dress more dress than shirt. I prefer to wear it with pants, however, the sleeveless blazer/vest balanced it out.

Necklace. #ADIDADL (All Day I Dream About DYLANLEX). But seriously, I do. And one dayyyyyyy, I will have my very own! (Gotta earn it, right!?) In the meantime, these statement pieces will do.

Shop the look.

SERIOUSLY GOOD NEWS. These Marc Fisher black boots come in more colors aaaannndddd they’re on sale! Shop various colors via Marc FisherMacy’s and DSW. #MakeYourMarc

Shop similar shirt dress via Asos, Urban Outfitters, Missguided here and hereRevolve, MayKoolHouse of Fraser and Humble Chic.

Shop similar blazer vest (originally Forever 21) via Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Target and WhoWhatWear via Target (I’m actually dying for this one).

Necklace originally Urban Outfitters — shop similar heroes & villains, Bauble Bar and of course, if you must, DYLANLEX.

February 24, 2016


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    February 24, 2016

    love your bow and love you! never too old for bows – i wear one every day! Happy Wednesday!! 😘😘❤️🎀

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      February 25, 2016

      Never too old, never! 🙂 Love you!

  2. Reply

    Aunt Susan

    February 24, 2016

    Oh my-yes you 2 sweet girls and the bows-wouldn’t know it was y’all without them!! LOVE!

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      February 25, 2016

      We would never be able to find Kath in a crowd without her bow. Love you!

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    Ricki McEachen

    February 25, 2016

    I love your bow! I loved Parker’s bows. I cried when my daughter Doni told me she was not wearing bows any more. Well funny thing is she still does! It makes me smile when she has in a bow or when I see a little person with a bow the size for their head.

    • Reply

      February 25, 2016

      They are the cutest. We only THINK we are too old for them. Glad to hear she kept them around!!