boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

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February 26, 2016

None of these items of clothing look familiar….. #sike. Only this time: boyfriend jeans, 100.


When I’m getting ready, I will try so hard to avoid my go-to pieces that I just wore yesterday. (And maybe the day before that.) But when I do avoid them, I end up hating what I’m wearing and then I end up in a bad mood and well, quite frankly, that’s just not necessary. I got tired of going through that process and decided eff it–this is what I want to wear so I am going to wear it, repeat or not! Whatever you’re comfortable in is going to make you feel the best… thus shine the brightest! And that’s what’s important. 🙂

This outfit may look familiar.

(Only last time a different version of a black sleeveless turtleneck with my favorite ripped black skinnies ever and my red M. Gemi’s.) These black flats go with entirely too much (as seen here). And this sweater was seriously the best find ever. PS, it’s on sale. This was the perfect #ootd to be out and about on the weekend, including my usual weekend trip to my favorite doughnut place. And obviously my doughnut wouldn’t have tasted as good without some ridiculous kind of funbun. #babytopknot for the win.

Boyfriend Jeans

I have always referred to these jeans as my boyfriend jeans. This time around when I put them on, I was like, waitttttt–are these boyfriend or mom jeans? …momfriend jeans!? I’ve recently decided they are more a hybrid of both. And so my momfriend jeans were born. And that made me feel a little bit better about wearing my favorite go-to pieces… 🙂 Happy weekend! Xx


Shop the look.

Boyfriend Jeans. J. Crew (old) — shop similar via Revolve, Banana Republic, Madewell aaaaaand all of J. Crew’s current boyfriend denim.

Sweater. Shop it via Forever 21 — it’s on sale!

Flats. Zara (old) — shop similar shoes from this post.

Sweater. Banana Republic (old) — shop similar via this post.

February 26, 2016