Casual Weekend Outfit

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February 19, 2016
casual weekend outfit

photo credit, Kudzu Brands

Reppin’ KC in Asheville (#ForeverRoyal) in this casual weekend outfit and out-and-about number. Just in time for the #weekend!


Is there anything as timeless, classic and versatile as denim? It’s always in. I’d been wanting patchwork jeans of some sort, and I definitely wasn’t going to make my own (DIY is so not my thing but I try), so I picked these jeans up without even thinking twice. They added a perfect somethin’ somethin’ to this neutral look.


I’ve been trying to find a military-like jacket foreverrrrrrrr. I loved this one because it can be worn so many ways — buttoned, unbuttoned, as a shirt, as a jacket, layered, edgy, sophisticated, feminine, masculine. I’ve definitely explored all of the above. The black cable knit sleeveless turtleneck sweater was comfy underneath, especially with the colder weather.


My wannabe Chloe studded booties tie so many outfits together. Almost as much as if they were the real thing. I’m not one for knockoffs (ever)–something about faking it or pretending just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t speak to the authenticity behind my lifelong love for fashion and style. I couldn’t stop thinking about these after I saw my boyfriend’s blogger-sister wearing them so casuallyyyyyy chic, like she always does, at Thanksgiving one year. Soooooo, I went on a mission to see if anything like the real deal even existed. What is Ebay, for $100? Shipped all the way from China, I was pleasantly surprised at how not cheap and tacky they looked. I wear them more than I ever thought I would. Chloe is timeless, ALWAYS, so this is definitely an item on my items-I-will-have-one-day-list (slash my Designer Dream List).

Jacket, sweater and denim via Banana Republic Factory. Shop similar items for your casual weekend outfit hereeeeee! Happy #Friyay! Xx

Shop the look.

Jacket via Shop Sincerely Jules, H&M, Nordstrom and Banana Republic.

Jeans via H&M and Asos.

Sweater via Revolve, Asos and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Use your search engine on Ebay for booties or check out another version here!

February 19, 2016