Feminine in black and white

· white button down + a-line skirt ·

February 10, 2016
feminine black white


White button down + this A-line skirt = winning.

Can’t you see how happy I am here!? There are so many ways to wear a white button down. Tucked, untucked, buttoned, unbottoned, casual, sophisticated, layered — you get it. I enjoyed this little number. Just a classic #ootd, perfectly feminine in black and white.

If you let it, this skirt’s movement can add some positive energy into your day. This isn’t something I’m always in the mood to wear, but when I am, I find I’m a bit chipper. Whether I’m walking down the hall or to and from meetings, there’s an extra pep in my step or I’m smiling just because. Funny how our clothes have that kind of power over us, but that’s another topic for another day. (Considering it’s a major motivation behind my blog.)

It also helps that this skirt has a slimming fit. The waistline and A-line structure is super feminine and I love how the black pointy flat makes the full look clean and sharp. To lighten the mood a bit, my natural hair makes it feel not so “fixed.” And I love a good dark lip… especially when I’m not wearing eye makeup! I guess my glasses are also good for that.

Add this skirt to your wardrobe! It won’t disappoint. This is only one of many ways I’ve worn it!

Shop skirt via Forever 21.

Flats (look familiar) via Zara — sold out but shop similar here.

White button down via Banana Republic — shop similar here and here.
Invest in the perfect white button down via Equipment–it’s the only one you’ll ever need!

My favorite scarf in the entire world via Madewell, literally #onrepeat — shop similar here and here.

February 10, 2016