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February 7, 2016

When I first started my blog (back in summer ’15,) I thought every post had to be extravagant with the perfect photo gallery, story, put-together playlist, etc. I wanted to “wow” my viewers every time — which, I still hope to do to some extent, I’ve just refocused how to do that.

In a recent post with an overview of things I learned in 2015, I talked about how simplicity (in any form) is often lost in the complexities of our minds. I often find myself asking why do things have to be so difficult?  Well, some things in life just are–some more than others–but they don’t have to be and that is something I am constantly reminding myself. That in mind, Just A Thought is a Sunday series I am going to start that focuses on getting back to the basics: the basics of self improvement, process improvement, daily life, critical thinking, resolving conflict, making decisions and in being kind.

Today’s Just A Thought: When did my room get so messy?

Every time I listen to a Man Repeller podcast, I feel like Leandra and I are having a conversation. It’s like we’re flipping the same page of a book and then we meet to talk about it each week. It actually kind of weirds me out and I just want to call her up and be like, hey, I totally get you (and let’s be friends.) In a recent podcast, she talks about how one of her goals for 2016 is to get organized. Oh heyyyyyy, Leandra, me too.

One of my goals for 2016 was to focus my energy on process and system–from my room (which is currently messier than I care to admit) to my morning routine to my after-work routine to how I get things done at work. Every day, I feel exhausted just doing normal things (like personal wellness or hygiene, which are both things I love) or my expected responsibilities. Why am I too tired to cook dinner when I enjoy cooking dinner? Why don’t I want to get up in the morning and workout anymore when I love working out? Why can’t I figure out what to wear when I have a closet full of clothes? Why am I having such a hard time with this blog post or this blog post when I know exactly what I need to do? Why is something so simple so difficult!? These are questions I sat on for so long before I realized what I could do to make them easier and find joy in all of it, and most of it stemmed from lack of process, or consistency. Then I started asking myself, why is process so difficult?

It takes a very focused energy to develop process. It can be very inclusive, requiring multiple people, ideas, concepts and components to come together. It can be easier to just do what you need to get done than it can be to get a system in place. But then, we can get so caught up in the act of just doing, which is when things tend to get away from us and we find ourselves asking, when did my room get so messy?

I need process, I need routine, and I need to get back to the basics. It’s like cooking: you can make your favorite meal without a recipe, but you can’t make it without the ingredients. In college, I could not function or get through my days (successfully) without my planner. So why did I never get a new one when I graduated? It’ s like I graduated and didn’t transfer the function of a planner into my life because I was in a new environment. New planner, check. Completing tasks, check. Getting shit done, check. That is kind of how I am looking at my life right now.

#JustAThought: It’s not that process is difficult; it’s that developing process can be challenging. But it’s all where you focus your energy.

When did I become so scattered and forget about the basics, and how do I get back to them? Just A Thought is a channel to help me do that–in my blog, in my professional life, in my personal life, in my #goals, etc., so that eventually the basics, and the work input and output of process, is a habit. That means that simplicity will eventually be a habit too, right? And then with simplicity, you’ll be like, wow! #goals

On this #SuperBowlSunday, I bid you adieu with my first Just A Thought. And also encourage you to play this jam for some good Sunday vibes.

Come ‘atcha from NC… Go Panthers!

February 7, 2016
February 7, 2016