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February 28, 2016

That one time my closet played matchmaker. Oh and, is it my birthday? Because I sure do feel like it in this number. πŸ˜‰


What little black dress? I don’t see one. Yes. This look started as a dressΒ but bodycon dresses aren’t my go-to like they once were —Β good times, freshmen year of college — but I’m 25 now. POSITIVES of bodycon dresses: they can generally be re-purposed because they’re so darn tight, as pictured above. Because of this LBD’sΒ sweetheart, sheer-sleeved detail, it will remain in my closet.

The tutu that rarely makes appearances.

Once upon time, I went through a major tutu phase. It just so happened that at this time Free PeopleΒ (bow down) had all of the tulle skirts a girl could ever want and need. I don’t know if it was the perfectly layered whiteΒ tulle or black leather waist and dramatic zipper that had me feelin’ all “can’t live without it” but before I knew it, I was entering my shipping information and confirming one order of two tulle skirts. #Necessary. And so I waited and waited,Β justΒ passing the time until it arrived. And when it arrived, it was a perfect fit (literally) and I knew it was meant to be!


This skirt–a gem in my closet–is one worn thoughtfully. It is not to be over worn, and when it is worn, it is to be done justice! Thus, this look, a match made in heaven, came together with a little matchmaker help from my closet. Two items that when alone,Β justΒ aren’t at their best–so they stole each other’s threads, and I stitched it together with a little heart clutch. (Thanks for that clutch BTW, mom! You know your daughter well.) The last thing this outfit needed was distractingΒ accessories — so I justΒ threw on a little bow necklace. Game, set, match.

Triple M: Marilyn Monroe Moment

To top it all off, the wind was blowing oh so perfectly and without hesitation,Β Marilyn Monroe resurrected in Asheville. And in that moment, I felt the warmth of the sun take me overΒ with happiness! Happy Sunday, y’all! Xx

The end (for now).

Shop the look.

Dress: H&M (old). Shop similar at American Apparel. (They always have the best sleeves/sheer detail pieces!)

Skirt: Free People (old) BUT I bet Polyvore hasΒ justΒ what you need.

Shoes: Nasty Gal (old). Shop similar here, here, here, hereΒ and here.

Necklace: Shop similar.

Clutch: Find the perfect one for you on EtsyΒ or Polyvore or here.

February 28, 2016