Army by Ellie Goulding

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March 9, 2016
army by ellie goulding delirium

Music fills my life with happiness, emotion and a creative energy I wouldn’t otherwise have or experience. That’s why I share songs on my blog–it’s a major way I connect with people and myself. Note: I am no music critic whatsoever, and this is not me trying to act like one. 🙂 This song (and Ellie Goulding) just really gets to me, so I’ve dedicated a brief post to it.


I started listening to Ellie Goulding as soon as her first album (Lights) came out in 2010. (I don’t think I listened to anything else for at least two weeks. And then some.) Before I even heard “Lights,” other songs on that album that never became hits (but should be!) had already become my favorites. I listen to them still and they’re just as good every time–how is it that some songs never get old? Music aside, she seems like such a cool person who I want to be #BFF with and go on adventures. (Yeah, I have some kind of imagination.) I can’t figure out if I love her because I love her music, or if I love her music because I love her! Just start following her on Instagram and you’ll understand. Or not.


Her latest album (Delirium) is consistent with her unique musical style from her two previous albums, and everything in between. Each song is its own anthem telling a story with a perfectly matched melody and electric amplification that conveys a mood. My current favorite that’s #onrepeat is ‘Army.’ It’s empowering, inspiring, joyful and uplifting and I just want to stand on top of a mountain, open my arms to the universe and be like everybody with me now! She sings from the heart every time and this one is no different. So enough rambling senselessly, check it out hereeeeeee. Then add it to your playlist, turn up the volume and feel empowered to bring the people you love together.

Army by Ellie Goulding

Army by Ellie Goulding music video via Vevo on YouTube