Denim on Denim

· not so sweater weather ·

March 7, 2016

Denim on denim gone retro for spring! In spirit of warmer weather gracing us, I’m taking off my sweaters! (At least for now–until it gets cold again because we know it will in Asheville, #mountainweather).

Let there be denim.

When you’re feeling color but not really feeling color, and when you’re feeling kinda like casual-but-I-tried, let there be denim. When I was getting ready, I was stuck in my basic chambray top and jeans–which was fine, but it was such a lovely spring day, I wanted to honor it. My go-to tan wedges weren’t cutting it, which was a total disappointment (nothin’ like your go-tos not being your go-tos). Then I was like aha!, let’s add some color on this lovely spring day. Then the block-heel style of the fun color shoes prompted the twist-tie head scarf. Then I was like okay fringe purse, let’s get dramatic.

Block heel, head scarf, fringe: My basic denim on denim was tied together with a retro edge in no time.

Not pictured: The ankle strap.

Something about this style shoe is just so feminine and flattering. I ordered these without even thinking that they were a sea-foam green and may not match anything. But I just loved them so much. Between the block heel and–what you can’t see because they’re hiding under my jeans–the ankle strap, I was anxious to put these on my shelf. So nevertheless, “Submit Order.” They are definitely proving their worth by coming in at the most perfect and unexpected times–likeeeeee that one time for a wedding! Thanks, Zara. You’ve always got me covered!

Happy almost springtime! May your style relish the sunshine. Xx

Shop the look. 

Top via Forever 21. Shop it here, and similar ones here.

Jeans via Anthropologie (old). Shop similar Anthropologie, Madewell and Zara.

Shoes via Zara (old). But Steve Madden has the most perfect block heels right now in colors galore — here and here.

Head scarf via American Apparel. These are my favorite hair twist scarfs–they easily twist and stay right in place. Shop the stripe twist scarf here and check out other patterns here.

Purse via H&M (sold out!) but shop similar at H&M.