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Striped shirt dress, undone

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March 18, 2016

photos, Joseph Dix Photography

Note: In this blog post, I challenged myself to see how many times I could say shirt dress, btw. And I lost count.

I’m a sucker for shirt dresses. I’m not much for stripes but this striped shirt dress had me at, well, shirt dress.

I love shirt dresses.

There is so much opportunity to explore your style with one piece. You can keep it simple, get creative, layer, button, unbotton, wear it as a shirt, wear it as a dress, dress it up, dress it down–you know my usual spiel. You may remember from this post featuring one of my favorite shirt dresses everrrrrrr that I like to have fun when it comes to just buttoning up the shirt dress and calling it a day. Sometimes that may be all that’s needed, but if one item of clothing can add some serious edge to your look with a matter of buttoning or unbuttoning it, test the waters.

Let your personality shine.

I have found that I feel most confident and comfortable in a crisp shirt dress. There’s a simple kind of curiosity that exudes through it and conveys my personality–and it makes a bold statement effortlessly. For me, the clothes you’re wearing are more about how they make you feel than how they look, or you believe them to look–cliche, cliche, I know. But your attitude is what’s really going to shine in your physical presence more than the clothes themselves when you feel good and all oh-lala in them. Leaving the house not feeling good about your outfit is just not good enough — although it happens more often than not. That’s why my style is always a work in progress. And this shirt dress was definitely a step in the right direction.

My next aspiration is to capture the striped shirt dress in a variety of ways to provide a little more shirt dress inspiration! Until then, happy #FriYAY and happy weekend-ing!

Shop this striped shirt dress via Target’s collaboration collection with WhoWhatWear (also available in stores nationwide!).


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    Julie @ Running in a Skirt

    March 29, 2016

    Love this look! I never would have thought of styling it this way, but I really like what you did. It’s such a unique and fashionable take on that dress! Gorgeous photos too.

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      March 30, 2016

      Thanks lady!! Xo

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