justferriss // warm on a cold night by honne

Warm On A Cold Night

· honne ·

March 13, 2016

This song always makes me want to cozy up by the fire with my boo (with the fireplace I don’t have) on a winter’s night and sip hot cocoa + Bailey’s to keep warm on a cold, cold night. It’s a rainy Sunday here in Asheville and with Daylight Saving, it’s noon when it feels like it should be 9 a.m. Either way, it still makes me want to cozy up (by the fire I still don’t have) and have a straight chill Sunday. I’m most likely headed to Vortex soon, but in the meantime, this song in the background. XOXO

Warm On A Cold Night by Honne

from the playlist Shine A Light by justferriss on SoundCloud