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· what to expect on just ferriss, part ii ·

April 27, 2016

Managing expectations is important. It’s important in relationships, work, personal life, family. It helps deepen our knowledge and understanding of things, and how things work. And it shapes our perceptions–and our perception is our reality. Wait, what!? 10/4.

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Speaking of perception…

Often bloggers are perceived as having a perfect life with perfect style, and it’s all flowers and rainbows–you mean they get to travel here and there and get free clothes? But it’s more than that–it’s hard work. And they are bloggers for a reason–they have an authentic way of inspiring others that’s natural to gravitate towards. Of course when it’s photos of a fun and glamorous life all the time, that is the only perception being created. But there is something about those real and vulnerable moments–the sides of being human.

justferriss // pinterest quotes, blogger confessions

Despite my perfectionist tendencies and sometimes too-much focus on the potential of things, every day I intend to embrace my flaws and quirks and how they make me who I am. I do that by accepting my downfalls, growing from mistakes and laughing at myself. The more we can do these things, the more we find a comfortable kind of confidence in ourselves.

Speaking of flaws…

I recently set some expectations for just ferriss so you know what to expect from me–on my blog, on social media. So now I share… confessions! Confessions of just a baby blogger 101.

(Amateur) Blogger Confessions

  • Just A Thought died. Well, kind of. What I thought was going to be a Sunday series–and seemed like a really good idea–turned out to be something that didn’t stick. I’m naturally curious and I have all kinds of thoughts and big ideas that consume my mind but my biggest struggle is articulating just what it is that I’m thinking. Just A Thought was something I thought would help filter my web of ideas into meaningful content but every time I would write, I got major writer’s block or was forcing ideas that otherwise came so naturally in my mind. So, I tell you that Just A Thought died because I introduced it and it’s clearly been a few weeks since I’ve had one. I got bored and it just didn’t stick. You win some, you lose some–on to the next one!
  • I’m constantly trying to find a balance. (Aren’t we all?) A balance between my perfectionist tendencies and just accepting things as they are. A balance between enough content and too much content. A balance between meaningful content over just because content. A balance between my full-time job and blogging and personal wellness. One thing that holds me back is my perfectionist tendencies. Combine that with my extravagant vision for things (I constantly am telling myself to come back down to earth) and try to bring things to life. It’s exhausting, in case you were wondering. If I feel like there is one thing that could keep a post or story from being its full potential, I get totally stuck and won’t execute—or I’ll wait until all the pieces come together. If it can’t be as good as I imagine it, it will get put on hold until it can be as good as I imagine it—kind of like my #ootds do until that perfect pair of shoes makes its way into my closet… Balance, balance, balance. Balance is key.

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  • I have no idea what I’m doing. Only a little bit. I share my outfits because it comes naturally. I share songs I’m currently playing on repeat because it comes naturally—and music is forever a part of my soul and a way I have always connected with people. I have a “life” section on my blog, which I haven’t defined or completely dove into yet–but intend to because I preach all things wellness, exercise, healthy eating, positive energy and attitude, the power of kindness and simplicity, hard work pays off, #FOE and all that jazzzzzzzzzzz. It’s just a matter of being able to share it in a meaningful way. My blog is no where near where I want it to be–but it will get there!
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Blogging is a way I am challenging myself to put positive energy into the world. They say you really grow when you go out of your comfort zone. So out of my comfort zone it is! Yes, writing is out of my comfort zone (and I work in communications). You never know what you’re capable of until you try–so set expectations for yourself, challenge yourself, be honest with yourself and humor yourself.

just ferriss is a place for dreamers — let your light shine bright! Xx

April 27, 2016