My Music Blog

· #justferrissjams, part i ·

April 4, 2016

In my latest post, I laid some ground rules for As I continue to blog, I am gaining a clearer understanding of how to organize content and develop meaningful content–one post and one lesson learned at a time. SO, posts with intent and a clearer focus start now, starting with my music blog.

My Music Blog

Music is a part of my soul–always has been–and a way I connect with people. I have sleep playlists, dozens of workout playlists, work playlists, writing playlists, rainy day playlists, road trip playlists, cleaning playlists; once upon time I had too-many-to-count pregame playlists (hiiiii, college dayz). I pretty much have music on at all times. On my blog, I will now have one music post a week (on Mondays) with a focus or theme. To start this off, I thought I’d introduce you to my style of music (if you haven’t already become familiar) with some of my favorite songs–and what we refer to as “ferriss jams.” These are catchy, upbeat, electronic, remix (or remix-like) songs that you can’t help but move to and will most likely play on repeat (I hope you do). To me, these are classics in their own way. If you can play a song on repeat and not get sick of it, there’s something to be said for that! So forgive me while I hashtag my own name, but these are #justferrissjams. Welcome to my world of music and my music blog — I hope you find joy in these as much as I do!


GOLD by Gabriel Rios (Thomas Jack Remix)

It only took one time to hear this song and I was hooked. An any time, all the time jam. Thomas Jack remix for the win. File under “Go-to Songs.”

MY GIRL by BLV feat. Stuart Parmley

Note: this is not a remix of the My Girl classic we all know and love. But it is another take on ‘My Girl’ to know and love.

NOTHING REALLY MATTERS by Mr. Probz (Kav Verhouzer Remix)

CODES by Ellie Goulding

When my boyfriend was with me and this song came on, his exact words were, “Oh gosh, this is such a ferriss jam.” I’m forever in love with Ellie Goulding. She reinvents herself with every album and song.

SUGAR by Wild Culture feat. Karmin (Lost Kings Remix)

1) This is not a remix of “Sugar” by Maroon 5 (who is one of my all-time mainstream favorites, btw). 2) You most likely know Karmin as the artist who came to fame with the duo’s unique twist on popular songs and could make any cover song sound like an original. This one is out of the parkkkkkkkkkkk.

HELP OUR SOULS by Nihils (Urban Contact Remix)

Urban Contact remixes are consistent. They add a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to original songs with beats and melodies that are catchy AF. This one gets me every time.

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