road trip songs // falqo, across the sea

Road Trip Songs

· part i ·

April 11, 2016

I took a road trip this past weekend to Charleston for my girlfriend’s bachelorette party so I thought I would devote this #MusicMonday to my current (and always) favorite songs that are perfect road trip songs. (And, yes I just called my music posts Music Monday because it’s a catchy alliteration and I’m cheesy.)

But first… There’s an app for that.

It’s so frustrating when songs won’t load and they skip/pause when you go through spotty places. To avoid that, I use Spotify on my cell phone and connect it to my car via USB or Bluetooth (you can also use the Car Play feature on new iPhones) to play music. The convenient thing about Spotify is that you can access songs you’ve saved to your library while you’re offline (not connected to WiFi or don’t have signal) if you download them beforehand when connected to WiFi. Depending on your phone plan, it may use data so check your settings! I use Spotify premium so I can build playlists, have access to more features and playlists, and play any song any time I want. It’s about $10/month — totally worth it if you listen to music for just about anything like I do. I listen to a lot of remixes, which often aren’t on Spotify so I use SoundCloud and 8tracks to save those, and specifically SoundCloud to easily share them on my blog.

Road Trip Songs

I have always been a good road tripper — just put some music on and enjoy the ride. Sunshine and nicer weather is a plus. Obviously, any #justferrissjam is a perfect road trip song–and for most any other occasions–but some songs are just perfect #roadtripsongs.

Falqo — Across The Sea

Available on SoundCloud and Spotify

Something About You — Majid Jordan

Available on SoundCloud and Spotify

Burn Fast — Bryce Fox (Louis Vivet Remix)

Available on SoundCloud; Winn & Woo Remix available on Spotify.

Feel Alive — Besnine

Available on SoundCloud and Spotify

Words — Anna Graceman (Lulleaux Remix)

Available on SoundCloud; original version available on Spotify.

There is definitely more where that came from! But just to name a few. Check out more songs by just ferriss. Enjoy! XOXO