weekend getaway, denim skirt

Weekend Getaway

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April 8, 2016

Fresh air, denim skirt, gladiators, frayed crop top and neckerchief just in time for spring. Sunshine, sun hat, sunglasses on–in between wine, comfy clothes and adventures in a familiar place. My kind of weekend getaway.

These photos were shot at one of my favorite places in the world–my aunt and uncle’s house just outside Knoxville, TN in Lenoir City. Their house sits at the top of 75 acres, with bedroom and sun room views looking right over the Smoky Mountains. Once a place I spent time in the summers visiting relatives, riding horses and “working” on the farm with cousins and my granddaddy down the road, it’s now a place I go to get away for the weekends and spend time with family. It’s not home–but it sure does feel like it.

weekend getaway, denim skirt

This outfit was inspired by my memories and the story I’ve created of this place. I rarely pack a bag with anything other than lounge around or workout clothes any time I go. It’s like a weekend at a bed and breakfast–they have everything you need and there’s no reason to leave. Plenty of wine, fresh produce and home-made cooking (they thoroughly spoil me). I threw this outfit in my suitcase in case I had the chance to capture the day-in-the-field/weekend-at-the-farm inspired look. After that, my boyfriend wanted to see the horses and wander around the farm so I brought out my brown boots–that I almost got rid of recently and was so glad I didn’t–and it felt oh so right.


weekend getaway

image via the reserve at bluebird hill

Leaving the peace and quiet is just as hard each time my weekend getaway comes to an end. Monday blues are more real than ever every time. I feel so fortunate to have this kind of place to go to–it’s common to not have the appreciation for family the way you do once you’re older, especially when you don’t see them frequently. I value time with my family more than anything else — capturing my style in a favorite and familiar place is just a bonus. Until my next weekend getaway…

I’m off to Charleston for the weekend for a bachelorette party for one of my best girls. Beach, margaritas, bachelorette shenanigans, good company–and not so farm-life inspired #ootds–on deck! Happy #friYAY! Xx