What you can expect on just ferriss, part I

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April 1, 2016

I just took intentionally one week and unintentionally two weeks off of blogging (thanks, failed internet connection for unknown reasons). Also, #lifehappens. So I wanted to use this opportunity to set some expectations, and acknowledge some things to help you better understand my intentions as a dreamer and blogger (if I can even call myself that yet).

It can be easy to veer of course at the beginning of this whole blogging journey as I explore different things. But if you know what to expect when you visit just ferrissmy hope is I can continue to connect with you through the things that energize and inspire me.

just ferriss, expectations

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So, style x music x life is my thing, but what else? Here’s what you can expect on my blog and other social mediums:


  • Authenticity. The more genuinely I express myself, the more I fulfill my purpose of genuinely connecting with you–this usually involves a sense of humor. And not sense of humor like haha; more like… humor me. I don’t think I’m like, funny–I wouldn’t consider myself funny. I laugh at myself regularly because I can just be so ridiculous (my boyfriend can—and would happily—attest). We just can’t take ourselves too seriously because then we find ourselves asking, what’s the point? So you can always expect the most genuine version of me—which is usually senseless more often than not. Read more about just ferriss.
  • Three posts a week. For now, you can expect new posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (In the near future, you can expect a specific topic each day.) I may throw an extra one in there just for fun sometimes.
  • Style. My style section is an ever-changing archive of my personal style. I wake up and wear whatever I’m in the mood for that day so I am even surprising myself with what I’ll wear next. My closet is currently in a state of I hate everything in it so I’m just making it work while I slowly rebuild it. 10/4.
  • Music. Songs for your mood, songs for an occasion, songs for the weather, songs for your next road trip, work out. Music tells a story and depicts emotions that I can’t always express myself. A significant amount of my life has been spent making playlists, discovering hidden artists and genres that I never knew I loved. I am always amazed at how artists have the creative capacity to put lyrics together with the most perfect melody.
  • Life. I haven’t really defined my lifestyle section yet–but I intend to! You can expect wellness including healthy eats and exercise, daily habits for a more positive life, recaps of recent experiences, my favorite podcasts, places and things around my city.
  • Inspo. Like any of my Pinterest boards, only a blown up matrix with a more detailed focus.
  • Email subscription. Style, music and inspo straight to your inbox, coming soon!


  • Instagram. Follow @justferriss–and turn notifications on! Or don’t. 😛 On my feed you’ll find routine activity of daily happenings, personal style, style inspo and adventures in the place I call home (Asheville, duh). Some days warrant four posts, some days warrant one. #hashtagsonhashtags
  • Facebook. Get a glimpse into my personal life with my family and friends on my personal Facebook. Keep up with my blogventures and related social media activity on my blog’s new Facebook page. #firstlike
  • Twitter. Generally, I’d be tweeting about The Voice but for the first time ever I don’t have cable. #firstworldprobs So my feed is a thread of quotes of my friends and family (because they’re all really amusing and you’ll LOL), songs for your playlist, retweets via @ManRepeller, thoughts and feelings on shows I’m binge-watching, healthy eats, sweet treats and my devotion to coffee and cakepops. Also, #mood happens on Twitter.
  • Pinterest. Hashtag goals. Inspo galore from around the world, designers by the decades + timeless looks, metallics and denim dreams, bows and bling, decor inspo for a cozy home, a pink palette and #girlcrushes to the max. Happy pinning!
just ferriss, expectations

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just ferriss, expectations

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As I develop content, I want to know what’s important to YOU! — the people who keep me motivated and inspired, and support me. You can contact me via email, comment below or connect with me on social media!

just ferriss is a place for dreamers — let your light shine bright! Xx

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April 1, 2016


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    April 4, 2016

    Great post Ferriss! I like how your work is evolving organically. As a writer I think that’s where the best narrative comes from. Looking forward to following your adventures-especially the style section. What a beautiful, timeless classy look you have! Incredibly refreshing. BTW, just realized you and I are both UNC Asheville alumni, MLA class of 2011. Beautiful blog!

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      April 5, 2016

      Aw thanks, Tina! I’m not good at that whole fiction thing — it needs to be something I can connect to write about it! If that’s hazardous for a blogger… then I’m in trouble! 😛 I look forward to sharing more style posts! Aw, we’ll have to get together and chat more because clearly we didn’t get to enough the other night if you’re a UNCA alum! Loving keeping up with your adventures. Hope to meet for coffee or something soon!