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Classic Mimosa With A Twist

· featuring Mountain Juicery ·

May 4, 2016

A perfect and simple twist on a classic mimosa recipe, just in time for the weekend.

You can’t deny mimosas are the perfect drink for your Sunday brunch–okay, anytime brunch. Now you also can’t deny that sugary concentrated orange juice doesn’t make you feel great either. (It can’t be the champagne, right? :-P) So if you’re going to cheers with friends, family and loved ones, you may as well feel good about it. Unless it’s for fresh produce, skip the trip to the grocery store for a carton of Florida, Simply Orange or Minute Maid orange juice, and stock up on cold pressed juices from your local juice or smoothie bar.

To all my Asheville and WNC people… Mountsain Juicery has the juice for your mimosa you’ve always dreamed of. #supportlocal.

The owners (aka my BFFs) posted a photo of their cold pressed juice Vitamin Spice-C mixed with champagne on Instagram one day this past winter when all of Asheville was snowed in. I was so bummed I didn’t think of this myself–and also that I didn’t have any of the ingredients to make mimosas–but of course I was going to try it immediately. So I did.


They say once you go french press, you never go back. Same goes for juices–once you go cold-pressed, you never go back! What’s the difference between store-bought/processed juice vs. cold-pressed juice? Most store-bought juices are processed where they go through a heating process and are exposed to oxygen, which kills all of the nutrients and enzymes from the fruit or vegetable and causes them to be high in added sugars (this isn’t good, in case you were wondering). Cold-pressed juices are, well, just that–cold-pressed, meaning the produce is freshly “juiced” or squeezed, making it nutrient-rich in the vitamins and enzymes you’re trying to get in the first place. Any time you can choose between a cold-pressed juice and concentrated juice–the choice is obvious. Skip the added sugars and maximize your nutrient intake with a cold-pressed juice–especially when it comes to a mimosa.

Classic Mimosa With A Twist, The Recipe

Mountain Juicery’s Orange Spice-C is just the perfect kind of refreshing with fresh orange mixed with grapefruit and hints of ginger and cayenne to give it a little kick. This weekend is the perfect occasion to add a dose of fancy to your classic mimosa. Head to your local juicery or make a fresh juice mix at home using your juicer (I have a Breville Juice Fountain Plus). All you need are some oranges, grapefruit, ginger and cayenne to sprinkle on there!


photos, Joseph Dix Photography

May 4, 2016