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Hey Jude

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May 11, 2016

If you don’t already know, music is an extension (or expression) of my mood. There are certain songs f0r certain situations. So YES, there is a certain kind of music one listens to when having a weekend getaway at the cottage, which inspired more than a peace of mind and relaxation.

A little different than my typical #justferrissjams or #roadtripsongs, my weekend-at-the-cottage songs are still catchy (because I love catchy) or some kind of classic. Whether grilling, eating dinner  or hanging out on the deck, cooking breakfast in the kitchen, putting on a fresh pot of coffee or opening a bottle of wine–these are the songs that ended up on repeat the whole weekend.

Which also led to my recent music craze to go back in history. So, let’s see where it began.

Higher — Adam Levine

Despite its mediocre reviews, I love the movie Begin Again (Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and, my all-time male celeb crush, Adam Levine #noshame) and I may love its soundtrack a little bit more. Lost Stars is forever on repeat and one of my go-to songs, but I recently re-watched the movie and couldn’t get enough of this song. It has since been my go-to anytime I open Spotify–also a perfect #carsong (yes, that’s a thing).


After Adam Levine graced us with his voice in the car…

L-O-V-E — Nat King Cole

As soon as we got to our home for the weekend, we opened a bottle of wine and I for some reason thought of the Parent Trap soundtrack (best soundtrack). It all started with L is for the way you look at me... #Classic

There She Goes — The La’s

And of course up next was this classic.

Here Comes The Sun — The Beatles

Which led to this.

Hey Jude — The Beatles

Which led to Hey Jude when I started cooking breakfast Saturday morning (get the remastered version here via Spotify).


And I am now on a Beatles kick. I’m familiar with the Beatles classics and recognize their songs here and there, but I’ve never taken the time to follow their music journey and learn to appreciate how they changed music forever. SO that is starting now. I have now saved four Beatles albums to my Spotify.

A weekend getaway is good for so many things–like adventures, peace of mind and exploring curiosities.

Discover and Rediscover

(That’s my mantra.) Here’s to embracing history by discovering a deeper appreciation for the foundation and evolution of rock, pop and Indie ballad classics, and rediscovering my love for music!