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A Maxi Dress Love Story

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May 29, 2016

I wore this maxi dress a few weeks ago for a GNO with my BFF and also former roommate. Obviously needed the right outfit for the occasion. I’m picky about maxi dresses, but it was the first time in a while I finally felt like myself in an outfit that came together in all of the right ways without planning or thinking twice about it. Can’t it always be like that?

Maxi Dress

I spotted this Free People dress a few months ago. Tried it on. Loved it. Tried on some other clothes that I decided I “needed” more. Tried on the maxi dress once more in hopes maybe I wouldn’t like it as much. Nope, still loved it. Nevertheless, I left the store without it.

I would still think about it sometimes when I’d be getting ready. Ohhhh that dress would be perfect for this, I’d think to myself. Talk about regret. (But seriously, how many times have you done that!?)

Love Story

When I made my routine trip to Belk a few months later (my company has a partnership with Belk and has frequent sales with special offers/benefits for employees–the Free People section at Belk has never been so dangerous), I spotted THE dress. Hanging with its bell sleeves and perfect v-neck. It was the only one left. It was my size. And it was on mega sale. Now THAT is how you know it’s meant to be. #blessed

It’s amazing how when you have the right pieces, your outfits come together without thinking twice. And having the right pieces doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of options, or an abundance of options, just the right ones to choose from and put together. That’s where I am with my wardrobe right now–wanting more of that. Throwing my favorite pieces together every which way.

Currently (actually always) I would rather wear the same outfit every day, or a variation of it, of my favorite pieces than try to put something together just for the sake of wearing a different outfit. That’s why I was so excited about this outfit. It was a simple statement dress that I had a minimal style vision for. Shoes, check. Lips, check. Lob, check. The choker/scarf (not a part of my original vision) from another shirt that conveniently matched the color of my dress gave the look the perfect something extra and brought it together even more, checkkkkk. THAT’S what I mean by having the right pieces.

Moral of the story

Trust your instinct when it comes to making (or not making) a purchase. In time, under the right circumstances, the right outfits always come together with the right pieces! And that is the ULTIMATE love story. 😛

Shop the dress.

This dress is no longer available online butttttttt Free People’s maxi dresses are seriously to die for. Shop similar dresses like this at Free People here, here, here and here. Also don’t forget to check out dresses on sale at Free People.