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May 2, 2016

It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, so turn on the mood music. And I don’t mean dim-the-lights-and-light-the-candles kind of mood music. Talking about songs for your not-as-good-as-you’d-like mood–moody songs.

Moody Songs

Music is an extension (or expression) of my emotions or mood. My ideal playlist perfectly complements a sunny day, driving with the windows down with happy melodies that make you want to bounce your head to the beat and sing out loud–aka #justferrissjams. But it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows–and neither am I (as much as I wish I was). So turn on the mood music and ride out your bad day or series of unfortunate events with some moody songs. My “moody songs” are still catchy with a captivating beat and electronic sound, but they are just more fitting for those times you feel like sulking in a sea of bitter feelings, frustration or sass for a little bit. (Excuse me while I be dramatic.)

I’ve learned it’s okay to accept your bad mood at times–just make sure you always bounce back! And now just press playyyyyyyy, Xx

Hard To Forget by Jane XØ

Falling by Opia (Wheathin Remix)

Something About You by Majid Jordan

I’ve Fallen For You by Tom Redwood

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