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Life of a twenty-something beyond #ootds

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May 23, 2016

Hiiiiiiiiiiii, my dear and loyal visitors to just ferriss who are the reason I come back whenever I do. It’s been almost two and a half weeks since I last blogged because life happens. Specifically, 60+ hour work weeks, and there is only so much a twenty-something girl can do!

The Big and The Small

Despite the parts of life that have been put on hold and the things that haven’t gotten accomplished because of life happening, we must always remember to celebrate life’s victories–the small and big things! Here are some things that have happened lately and are worth celebrating:

  • I produced a podcast at work (!!) with an awesome team so that’s kind of cool. Long way to go, but you gotta start somewhere!
  • I have a lot of exciting collaborations and features coming up on my blog in the next several weeks that I am super excited about! Can’t wait so share with you.
  • I’ve managed to keep/have fresh flowers in my apartment.
  • I went to my first J. Crew warehouse sale (aka box sale) where I finally got a pair of slide flats like the style I’ve been wanting foreverrrrrr. They aren’t Tibi, but Madewell always has a place in my heart. And I bought a Crewcuts dress. Yes, a dress from J. Crew kids collection. Size 16, #ftw.
  • I’ve successfully completed all of Scandal (love you, Kerry Washington) and the first season of Quantico.
  • Aaaaaaand, one of my new blogger friends, Tina Masciarelli of Bold Narrative, featured me in one of her Friday Favorites posts and I cried. Talk about why I keep blogging! #bloggercommunitystrong It’s also fitting in the context of this post that her blog is about the art of living in balance.

Slides, finally. That new new, livin' in 'em.✨

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Life of a twenty-something beyond #ootds.

My blog isn’t the only thing that has slipped away–my room looks like I gave up on life, my personal wellness has taken a hit, which is no fun, and my clothes have been at the cleaners for I don’t know how long. Same pants, different day. Tired eyes at 25? Help meeeeeee, Mary Kay TimeWise firming eye cream. But hey, we just grind through becauseeee life of a twenty-something. (Life of everyone–we’re just millennials and think we deserve a label. Or we’re just creative enough to come up with one? …Or “twenty-something” is just catchier than “life of a forty-something?” Thirty-something?)

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Music Monday

On the theme of “grinding through things” (ok, powering through things), that’s where my music has been. I’m still on my Beatles kick since my last music post–and thoroughly enjoying it. But when I’m not listening to Hey Jude, Something, Love Me Do, Do You Want To Know A Secret or I Saw Her Standing there, which isn’t very often, I’m caught up on some recent mainstream jams:

  • Can’t Stop The Feeling. But literally JT, can’t stop the feeling. And I’m all in for the movie Trolls. #onrepeat #goto

And some not so mainstream (get the full versions on Spotify):

Desire (Gryffin Remix) — Years & Years

Blue & The Green (Radio Edit) By LOYAL

Not That Simple (Kyle Tree Remix) by Mike Posner

As always, #justferrissjams are always a good idea. Meanwhile, I’m just working to get my life back on track one workout, cooked meal, blog post, #ootd, night’s sleep or Snapchat filter (@just_ferriss) at a time. New style post coming later this week to just ferriss! 


May 23, 2016

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    May 27, 2016

    Sounds to me like you rocked it…clothes at the dry cleaners and all 💗 Hang in there sista. That’s the name of the game (tips from a mid-forties something)!