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Fox and Beaux: Handcrafted and whimsical charm

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June 15, 2016

I walked into this jewelry store and the first thing I did was text my photographer: “Leather bow ties.”

justferriss, fox and beaux, joseph dix photography, asheville boutique

And then I laid on this loveseat and kicked my feet up in the air like I just don’t care because I couldn’t help it. #interiorinspo

justferriss, fox and beaux, joseph dix photography, asheville boutique

Imagine walking into a majestic kingdom with unicorns–only the unicorns are jewelry and artifacts and the kingdom is the most charming jewelry boutique. Well that’s how I feel when I walk into downtown Asheville’s new jewelry and accessories boutique, Fox and Beaux.

From the furniture, to the art, to the layout, the name, and of course the jewelry, you’re drawn into the story and inspiration–which is exactly what their designs are built upon. Fox and Beaux creates one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art with “ancient artifacts of times long gone that tell their stories in artistic whispers.” They take pride in using the most desirable diamonds, gemstones, antiques and artifacts to create jewelry that shines through in each individual’s spirit.

Well that sounds magical.

Allow me to introduce you to the creative, passionate mind behind the maker’s table at Fox and Beaux, who shows us that jewelry is more than something to complete your #ootd.


image via the Laurel of Asheville

Let’s meet the owner, Lauren Moody. Think quick!

  1. Hometown: Macon, GA
  2. Favorite Quote: Silly and doesn’t pertain to anything about my business but will always be a favorite, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”
  3. Favorite thing about Asheville/WNC: The people, the mountains, the community–like-minded, free spirited people living in one place trying to create peace and live a simple life that is meaningful.
  4. If you wrote a book, it would be titled: Bitch on a Mission

Background: Quick Facts

Before Fox and Beaux, Lauren managed and was head designer at a jewelry boutique in Denver, CO. Fox and Beaux became a business five years ago when she decided to become a jewelry designer and start her own business. She moved to Asheville and initially sold Fox and Beaux jewelry line wholesale, but then transitioned into a retail position at the Grove Arcade’s Portico Market where they’ve had a booth the past 2.5 years, and the Fox and Beaux boutique officially opened April 2016!

fox and beaux, asheville boutique

image via @foxandbeaux

“At Fox and Beaux we love making jewelry, but more so we love helping customers design that one-of-a-kind ring or piece of jewelry they’ve always wanted.”

Okay now that you’re all caught up, cue a Q&A.

jf: What sets Fox and Beaux and your jewelry apart from other jewelry stores in the Asheville area?

LM: A shopper can walk into our store and purchase a $25 pair of everyday earrings, or purchase and [even] create a custom engagement ring or wedding band. At Fox and Beaux we love making jewelry, but more so we love helping customers design that one-of-a-kind ring or piece of jewelry they’ve always wanted. Everything in our store is handcrafted besides our clothing line, which is up-cycled and vintage. Our unique spring and summer ring collection consists of eclectic one-of-a-kind faceted raw diamond rings and his-and-her wedding bands. And we have an array of replicable jewelry collections that can be made with various gemstones and metal options.

jf: When people walk into Fox and Beaux, what are some things they may find/walk away with? 

LM: Unique and handcrafted goods. Besides our jewelry, we sell men’s and women’s accessories. We have great gifts for men including cuff links, suspenders, bow ties, watches and one-of-a-kind necklaces and cuffs. We carry a couple of other jewelry designers in the store so that we can offer a range of styles and products [for everyone who comes in.]

“…or someone might bring a piece of sea glass they found on the beach on their first date and turn it into an engagement ring for their sweetheart.”

justferriss, fox and beaux, joseph dix photography, handcrafted jewelryjustferriss, fox and beaux, joseph dix photography, necklace

jf: Let’s talk about the name: Fox and Beaux. It’s too cute! Is this the name you always had in mind? How does it reflect your products?

LM: Fox and Beaux arrived on its own accord during a snowstorm in Denver in winter 2011. I was eager to start a new jewelry line and wanted a business name that was kind of ambiguous, but catchy, eloquent and strong. I have always loved foxes and they had been a spiritual animal for me for sometime. So after almost four days of being snowed in–and making jewelry and laughing and drinking wine–my partner Steven, myself and a dear friend came up with the name Fox and Beaux. It was at the time going to be the men’s portion of our jewelry line, but the more we thought about it, I was the Fox and Steven was my Beaux. He was and is a crucial part of the business, so the name fits us rather perfectly. It was a name that was meant to be. Our fox painting in the store symbolizes our business up to this point. The flowers in the painting represent the many amazing people who have helped Fox and Beaux get where it is today. The colors are vibrant and speak to so many people, and the painting alone brings many lookers into the store who may not normally come in.

justferriss, fox and beaux painting, joseph dix photography, boutique

Raise your hand if you’d walk in after seeing this painting. Um, yes! But seriously raise your hand if you want to buy it.

jf: What are your favorite pieces or collections in the store?

LM: Our ring collection is by far my favorite collection. I am a very “out of the box” jewelry designer, and love that I can break the traditional mold of engagement and ring designs. I choose unique raw diamonds that will create a ring like you have never seen before.

justferriss, fox and beaux, joseph dix photography, handcrafted rings justferriss, fox and beaux, joseph dix photography, handcrafted ring

jf: Obviously my [blank] has become a part of my everyday-wear. Talk about this classic collection–how it came to life, the vision/story behind it.

We wanted to create a _____ collection that was simple but meaningful. Not everyone loves their ____, so we created our _____ dangle _____ to showcase [them] in a unique and understated way. This ____ has quickly become a customer favorite because it is a great everyday _____ and perfect for layering.

(Pardon the “blanks”–you’ll have to check in next week to see what I walked away–and fell in love!–with. Perfect for layering–hint, hint.)

justferriss, fox and beaux, joseph dix photography, asheville boutique

jf: What are three things you want people to know about Fox and Beaux?

LM: We always welcome and encourage custom designs, and love having client’s come to us with different antiques or family relics to incorporate into [custom] one-of-a-kind rings and other jewelry designs. In fact, this alone might be the most defining feature of Fox and Beaux! You can bring us an old heirloom ring that you want to take out the stones and use to make something new; or someone might bring a piece of sea glass they found on the beach on their first date and turn it into an engagement ring for their sweetheart. We truly have no boundaries and focus on making custom jewelry that is special and unique to that individual, and your life story. When we consult for custom rings and other jewelry, we don’t just talk about metal and stones–we talk about you as a person, your life, your loves, passions, experiences. We make custom jewelry around and about you–not the other way around. So we invite you to come and discover our sanctuary and lose yourselves in a mystical place that we call a dream.

jf: What are your goals/dreams for Fox and Beaux?

LM: My goals and dreams for Fox and Beaux are to just continue to make women (and men) feel special when they purchase a piece of jewelry that really speaks to them. If all goes well with boutique No. 1, I would love to be able to open more locations in different cities. Traveling the globe, looking and searching for unique gemstones is a huge dream of mine as well. The more unique things we can find, the more unique things we can make–which is why our customers love us so much.

• • • • •

Okay y’all, let’s help make Fox and Beaux’s dreams come true by shopping and supporting local today. For all the jewelry you’ve ever wanted–and needed–head into the mystical place they call a dream.

Check back next week for a little story about the latest addition to my jewelry collection, courtesy of Fox and Beaux! XOXO

photos, Joseph Dix Photography

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