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hj-story: little pictures of love and happiness

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June 6, 2016

Saving #musicmonday for Wednesday this week because I came across the cutest thing via Huffington Post this weekend and was inspired. Here’s to a little Monday Muse 

Professional Doodler

Okay, not quite professional but I’ve always been an avid doodler. From the classroom to meetings, not one sheet of paper where notes have been taken go without hearts or flowers covering the margins. I still do the exact same doodles today that I did in seventh grade when I adopted my signature doodle scenes with variations of hearts and flowers–so innovative. If only I could have taken my doodles to the next level like this guy did, I could have been unleashing my future in love story comics with little pictures of love and happiness for all to adore.

Good thing ppl don't know this side of me… 😀 . #hjstory #love #cute #comic #silly #relationship

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So the short version of the HJ-Story is this guy, Andrew Hou (who is Chinese) didn’t know how to express his love for his girlfriend, Kate (who is Korean) in words. So he decided to express his love through art and started making drawings at work to give to her. The adorable comics of the now-husband-and-wife, capture the simple but also special moments of the couple’s relationship. They eventually became an internet sensation and I completely understand why. All it took was seeing one and my mind went to all of the ways I want these mini-stories and pictures of love and happiness in my life!

Check out the full story on Huffington Post about how HJ-Story came to life.

Spread The Love

Don’t be surprised, my dearly beloveds if you get an incoming little picture of love and happiness! I can’t always find the right words to say either. Sometimes a simple hand-written note says more than you think. Thanks to Andrew Hou for bringing his love for his wife to life through art, I will be spreading the love and sharing these notes of love and happiness with my loved ones!


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