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June 23, 2016

Some outfits just come together, and some have a story. This classic look that had me feelin’ all ladylike and pretty-woman proper Julia Roberts style has a little story (I like an outfit with a story) after coming together through a series of events.

Once upon a time…

A photographer contacted me about doing a styled bridal shoot while she was visiting family in Asheville (note: this is not the styled bridal shoot). Of course I didn’t know how to “pose” or “model” in a wedding dress but I thought, what the heck—that sounds like a blast; I’d love to. She offered to do another photo shoot for my blog while she was in town, since she didn’t think I would want to share photos of me in a wedding dress (but I will at a later date for fun anyway). And so this style collection came to life.

Gather The Troops!

Any time I have a formal shoot, I’m like, okay I have to make the most of it—I need to go all out with my outfit, find the perfect spot, all of the right accessories, and maybe actually put makeup on. She asked me to pick a location (any location!) so I started racking my brain of all the places we could choose—and in Asheville, there are tons! But all I could think about was how I’d been wanting to get photos in various areas in the south part of downtown Asheville. They aren’t anything special—they’re just stops along your way walking to this or that brewery, or even non-places that may catch your eye as you drive by sometime. So that in mind, it inspired this impromptu ladylike look. Isn’t it the best when it works out that way?

The Dress That Stuck

My personal style is definitely in some kind of phase right now—one that’s like, “I hate (most) everything in my closet so let’s re-purpose old items as much as we can or wear the same thing every day (with no shame).” Orrrrrrrr… let’s just go shopping. I ventured out for a new outfit, keeping in mind where we were going, but had no idea what I was in the mood for. I tried on dozens of things at various stores (yes, that’s what goes into a photo shoot—okay, not every time) and of all the things I tried on, this simple little dress stuck.


It all came together perfectly. I already had the shoes, jewelry and accessories to complement the dress so it seemed like a perfect fit. I hadn’t worn anything ladylike, classic and perfectly simple in so long. It felt so good to see this look come together without even thinking twice. This is a dress I will have forever with the flexibility to style so many different ways. Mega-thanks to Shelby Tsika, who captured the essence of this look so elegantly—this might be one of my favorite style collections yet! (Sorry for photos overload on this post—there were just too many to choose from!)

All of this to say… sometimes the best things happen when you stop thinking so hard about it. From the outfit, location and my new photography friend Shelby who’s amazing and seriously the sweetest ever, this whole situation was definitely one of those cases. Times like these, I am so thankful for the ways I am able to connect with others through mutual interests and my blog. Xx

all photos, Shelby Tsika Photography

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Steve Madden Carrson Heels via Steve Madden, Macy’s or Revolve.

Dress via Anthropologie (Asheville location). Shop it hereeeee! Check out all other dresses and dresses on sale at Anthropologie while you’re at it.

Necklace via J. Crew.