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Songs That Don’t Get Old

June 21, 2016

Recently, I was listening to the shared playlist my BFF and I have (it’s called Ferrytale because that’s what she calls me–one of my many nicknames). The song Do Ya Thang by Rihanna came on and I remembered how much I loved that song in just one beat. Something about it–it does not get old! So that sparked the idea of a blog post with songs that just don’t seem to get old, which are also most likely #justferrissjams.

To classify a song as one that “Doesn’t Get Old,” here are my thoughts:

  • When you listen to it today, it’s as relevant as it was when it first came out
  • You can actually play it 100 times during a short period of time and it didn’t get old–and then you repeat that at least a month later and it still isn’t old.
  • Every time you hear it is like hearing it for the first time.
  • Anything else? (No minimum time frame or release date.)

These aren’t just classic throwbacks, like Suga how’d you get so fly, My Boo, Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s Dilemma, Don’t Speak by No Doubt, The Reason by Hoobastank or anything The Fray or Usher ever produced (Let It Burn, am I right!?)–these are songs that truly just don’t get old. These are songs that you associate with a certain time in your life–the people in it, places you listened to it, occasions you listened to it, emotions you remember experiencing. They have catchy and classic beats, or they’re lyrically intriguing telling a story and triggering some kind of emotion(s).

Aaaaaaaaand press play on songs that don’t get old:


Do Ya Thang by Rihanna

Time: 2011 (summer going into sophomore of college)
Place: Summer in Kansas City
Memories: Cruising around with the windows down or getting ready with my high school BFF.

So it was only five years ago but I’ve probably played this one on repeat dozens of times and it’s just as good everytime–even five years later! It could be released today and be just as good. And of course five years ago and @badgalriri was still slayin’.

White Houses by Vanessa Carlton

Time: 2004 (eighth grade)
Place: Definitely dancing in my bedroom, playroom or basement
Memories: I did ballet for 12 years and this was one of those songs you dream of passionately dancing to in your pointe shoes and then just dramatically fall to the floor afterwards and look up above like you’ve put your whole heart on the line. Whoa, that’s a lot.

It’s still just as good of a song today, with a lyrical story, the melodic piano that builds–it sure does make ya feel something. Or is that just me?

Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

Time: 2003 (seventh grade)
Place: Laying out by the pool that summer in Kansas City
Memories: I went through a serious alternative rock phase in eighth and ninth grade. This classic was only the start of it. And you can’t forget about Only One.

Grizzly Bear by Angus & Julia Stone (Lakechild Remix)

Time: 2014
Place: Asheville, NC
Memories: I know it’s only a couple of years old but every time I hear it is like hearing it for the first time. It reminds me of love and happiness and dancing with flowers in my hair and singing in the car (on the reg). Even when I’m feeling down or sad, it’s the perfect pick-me-up.

Me Hold You by Bow Wow feat. Omarion

Time: 2005 (eighth grade)
Place: My computer room in Kansas City
Memories: I was so disciplined on learning every word to this song. And sure enough I did and I’m singing every word right now as it plays. (No shame.) Also got a lot of plays while straightening my hair before school.

Bow Wow grew up and dropped the Lil’ by this time, and obvi you remember Ice Box, the classic by Omarion. I remember being seriously obsessed with this song. And then never getting tired of it.

We Belong Together by Mariah Carey

Time: 2005 (eighth grade)
Place: Most fondly my room in Kansas City
Memories: Laying on my bed looking at the CD album’s insert, playing on repeat until I learned every word, and of course trying so hard to sing like Mariah Carey. The Emancipation of Mimi may be one of the greatest albums ever. This song, never gets old.

Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade

Time: 2008 (junior year high school)
Place: Kansas City
Memories: Most likely laying down and looking at the stars with one of my high school boyfriends. Also, don’t forget Your Call.

Guns and Horses by Ellie Goulding

Time: 2010 (summer sophomore year of college)
Place: From KC to Asheville
Memories: I’ve already confessed my love for Ellie Goulding so this is no surprise. I discovered Ellie Goulding the minute her first album was released and it was love at first listen (and sight–she’s hanging in my apartment). I played her first album on repeat for months–perfect timing for a road trip from KC to Asheville for the start of another school year! This was also during the same time I was on a Wiz Khalifa kick? Somehow I went back and forth between the two…

My other favs from this album were The Writer and Starry Eyed.

You and Me by Lifehouse

Time: 2005 (summer going into freshman year of college)
Place: My room or basement in Kansas City
Memories: Young love. That’s all.

Real (Remix) by J. Lo feat. Ja Rule

Time: 2000
Place: Middle school days
Memories: I’m pretty sure if this remix came out today, my generation (and especially the generations below me) would be playing this on repeat for any and every occasion. All I Have by J. Lo with LL Cool J was just as good when it came out a few years later.

Okay, so I thought I’d end on a classic throwback. J. Lo x Ja Rule is #classicthrowback to the max.

This list could be a dozen songs longer butttttt I had to draw the line somewhere. Are any of these on your list? What are your favorites or songs you consider ones that don’t get old? I want to know so comment below. :^*


June 21, 2016