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summer playlist (jams part ii)

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June 27, 2016

Music funk, bye bye! Summer jams, you are so clutch and seriously getting me through. Here is part ii for your summer playlist.

I went from a Beatles kick to a Drake kick (this happens occasionally–Too Good, One Dance, Fire and Desire to name a few), and in between that I maintain my usual remixes with chill, catchy electronic jams. Summer jams part i are still in the queue. Here are some to add it! There’s a nice variety of happy and upbeat melodies, a little rap, a little mainstream. Happy listening and summertime sunshine! Xx

Summer Playlist

Kids by Rhodz feat. Besnine (DGTO Remix)

Words by Anna Graceman (Lulleaux Reix)

Act Of God by Tyler Touche feat. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)

Backyard Animals by Max Elto

When you come across a new song, do you ever listen to it over and over…? It has been happening with this one for the past couple of weeks.

The Way We Touch by We Are Twin

An oldy but a goody… never gets old. Try NOT to move and sing along to this one. Wine in hand while dancing with friends at an apartment party–or by yourself at an apartment party, it’s fine.

Blase by Ty Dolla $ign feat. Future and Rae Sremmurd

Mixin’ it up a little from the usual just ferriss jams because this just so good like, hangin’ out poolside with your friends. Sunglasses –> on.

Like I Would by Zayn Malik

Sometimes I can’t help but fall for some mainstream jams. They’re big time hits for a reason, right? This one has got me hooked. Going solo was definitely the right move for Zayn Malik. This song is <<insert ‘100’ emoji here>>.

June 27, 2016