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Unravel, Mood Music

· let the music do the talking ·

July 18, 2016

Like my personal style, music reflects my mood (if you didn’t already know that)–kind of like this post’s featured image, which perfectly reflects my mood with the music to match. Mood music, anyone? A full style post and story on that look is coming to the blog this week, btw. Stay tuned. (Shout out to Murphy Funkhouser Capps for that moment.)

These songs may not fit in with my recommended summer jams or summer playlist; and they’re not my typical #justferrissjams, although they fit the profile. Aside from Usher’s latest song ‘Crash’ which I’m completely obsessing over (#onrepeat), this is the loop that’s currently playing through my speakers any place, any time.

Mood Music

Reference: If you enjoyed those songs that one time from my playlist defined as “Moody,” then you’ll definitely enjoy these. Happy listening, Xx

Never Done This by Quinn XCII (produced by ayokay

Unravel Me by Jojee

Make Them Wheels Roll by SAFIA

IOU by Annabel Jones

Faithless by Night Games

Misantrope by Westerman

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