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My Canvas Wallet

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August 10, 2016

I’ve got the whole world in my hands–literally! This canvas wallet was totally love at first sight–even before I knew it was thoughtfully designed as a map of the world (talk about a canvas wallet–before it’s a wallet, it’s truly a canvas). The not-so-perfectly paint splatters, that are subtly and perfectly splattered, caught my eye–it may have been the random touches of gold. I am not one for color–but when done right, I’m all about it.

When I went into Fox and Beaux one day, I spotted a cute pink and blue wallet with gold that looked hand painted. Then I spotted another one splattered in teal and royal blue. Thennnnnnn I spotted another one that was multicolored. That’s when I was finally like, okay I need this one. I didn’t know why, but I felt connected to it. I could sense the authenticity behind each of the pieces that created a cohesive collection with a story. Once I finally mentioned how cute they were, the store owner said that when I opened it up, it was a map–of the world! I knew I felt connected to it for some reason–there’s a story to these pieces of practical art that looked so effortlessly, yet thoughtfully, designed.

canvas wallet, fox and beaux, my a la mode, etsy, joseph dix photography,

For someone who doesn’t have the chance to travel (yet!!!!), I was immediately captivated by this canvas wallet and the story behind it, which I didn’t even know at that point. Usually I am pretty picky about wallets–I want something that’s a little more minimalist and classic. But this piece truly feels timeless to me–and it’s the perfect size (that’s just a bonus). Every time I look at my wallet now, I think of my goals, visions and inspirations. The designer, My A La Mode, hand-makes each piece with charm individuality so every “design and piece is unique with a story to tell…just like those who wear them.” #NailedIt. I am not so worldly, but for whatever reason–it makes me feel worldly. And inspired.

My mantra is “discover and rediscover” and every time I look at my wallet, I am reminded of that. It’s a piece I carry that inspires me–it’s like I’m surprised every time I take it out of my purse. The last thing I expected was for my wallet to make me feel this way, but the designer’s intention is to inspire you to be bold, creative and always remain true to yourself–it’s safe to say she has successfully done that through something so unique yet so simple. Her spirit shines through in each of her pieces, giving you the chance to shine.

My A La Mode is available on Etsy–hand-painted accessories for the stylish creative. Capture your individuality by picking out a piece for your spirit to shine! I promise you won’t regret it–it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

photos, Joseph Dix Photography


Shop my wallet from My A La Mode on Etsy.

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Get something close to your heart–she even has some of other countries and states with her Splatter Map Collection.



August 10, 2016