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Shyer: A London Grammar kind of (music) mood

· music monday ·

August 8, 2016

Today’s go-to song choices are brought to you byyyyyyy… Stress. Stress has got me running in circles. And life happens. But have no fear, London Grammar aka music of gold to your ears, is here.

Once again I’m constantly reminding myself there is just only so much we can do. One thing I definitely always have time for is music–it’s how I unwind.

Who remembers Only Time by Enya? This gem definitely falls into today’s mood music. My go-to songs recently have been coming from a more sultry place (I’m so melodramatic–I know). But if you follow my music blog, we’ve seen that I can get a little moody with my song inspirations here and there. Like that one time I Unraveled with mood music (punny, punny). I wish I could be upbeat and full of life like my usual #justferrissjams all the time!

To sum up today’s music Monday: London Grammar–you are my life. That’s all. Also, you can save my London Grammar inspired playlist on Spotify! Happy music Monday, y’all. XOXO

drifty by sjowgren

Lion’s Den by Jhameel

Crush by Campsite Dream

Shyer by London Grammar

Also Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar. Also Hey Now by London Grammar. Also Strong by London Grammar. And also Metal & Dust by London Grammar. They’re like a modern day Sade (you have to remember this song). Every one of these songs I’ve listened to over and over for a while and they’re still just as good. Oh, London Grammar–thank you. You are gold.

So High by Ghost Loft

Such an oldie but a goodie.

White Lie by Jhameel

Okay, this one is more upbeat.

Tomorrow by ECHOS

Far by So Below

Body Close by Lyves X Synkro

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August 8, 2016