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Live In This Moment: Coffee Shop Music

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September 12, 2016

Don’t let this cheesy blog post title fool you! It’s one of my current favorite songs, which you can conveniently check out in today’s Music Monday playlist–recently discovered in coffee shops thus inspired by coffee shop music.

September in Asheville

The weather was more than ideal in Asheville this past weekend. It had me running all around town, in and out of stores, from one coffee shop and brunch spot to the next. I even had rosé–must have been the sunshine (and good company since my BFF was in town).


When I got home from wandering around town and soaking up the sunshine all day, I couldn’t stop playing I Love You Baby by Frank Sinatra–if that tells you at all what kind of mood I was in (definitely a good one). Once I stopped playing that on repeat (sorry people who live above and below me), I pressed play on my latest jams that I recently discovered on one of my coffee shop dates with myself. They make me happy like I Love You Baby, only in a different way. And they remind me of lipstick on my coffee mug, which is basically the story of my life. It’s all just fitting right now.

I’ve found these pleasantly playing in just about any environment, whether at the office, home, car or coffee shop. I hope you enjoy! Xx

Coffee Shop Music

Would You by Robots Can’t Dance

Scenic Route by Soul Catalyst (feat. Felish)

Live In This Moment by Kakou

Keeping Me Under by Two Another

gray by slenderbodies

At Sea by Flamingo

Show Clothes (Show Clothes and Gavriella) by Cafune

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September 12, 2016