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Let’s Get Intimate With Loungewear

· Scout Boutique x Keepsake Intimates ·

October 5, 2016

Blogged, while eating Dove Chocolates–was feeling hopeless at “Hit snooze x 5” but reassured at “Get lost on purpose.”


I love coming home from a long day and putting on my sweatpants, which is exactly what happened after walking in the door from work and before writing this post. Who am I kidding, I don’t always need a long day of breaking barriers and reaching milestones to cozy up in sweatpants–waking up and putting on sweatpants just to lounge is equally as satisfying. But as much as I love my sweatpants, there are times when a little something flirty has intent as comfortable or casual as sweatpants–only with a little lace.

My intimate set has been the perfect loungewear. I consider the “perfect loungewear” somewhere in between Trying-To-Be-Sexy-For-My-Partner and I-Wanted-Sweatpants-But-I-Found-This-And-Casually-Threw-It-On-Instead. It seemed to get me in the zone and re-energize my attitude toward those things in life that just have to get done–in denial or not. Like on a typical Saturday or Sunday cleaning your apartment, only in your perfect loungewear and the atmosphere’s default setting is sunlight coming in your window with your favorite candle delightfully filling the room with your favorite scent and your favorite playlist, podcast or audiobook is on–and of course you woke up with perfectly tousled hair from the night before.

intimate loungewear, keepsake, scout boutique, persona creative, sarajane case


At some point, breakfast is on the stove and you don’t even mind doing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen immediately after your last bite of bacon. Then before you know it, you’re crossing things off your to-do list, finishing your current read or pinning endless inspiration to your physical or virtual bulletin boards. And then you finally gaze out the window drinking a cup of coffee or hot tea and think to yourself, “Ahhhhh, thank you flirty loungewear.”


Shop Intimate Loungewear

Keepsake’s intimates collection, courtesy of Scout Boutique aka my favorite boutique in Asheville, is a girl’s favorite cami x short intimate set and the perfect alternative to my usual sweatpant loungewear. Not too much lace, enough coverage but not too much coverage and it hangs just right. And this olive/forest green color is every redhead’s dream come true! But good news–it comes in more colors!

Australian brands for the win. Snag this Electric Love intimate set for yourself (or a loved one!) via Keepsake on Fashion Bunker. Shop the cami. Shop the shorts. Head into Scout Boutique in Biltmore Village for more intimates and pretty little things like this that make every girl feel like the confident beautiful woman she is!

Speaking of a confident beautiful woman… Sarajane Case of Persona Creative captures life’s natural and beautiful moments so effortlessly. Thanks for sharing your gift with me and helping bring this visual story to life! #photocredz