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Smile For Real

· music monday ·

October 3, 2016

Blogged while watching Gilmore Girls, featured photo by the amazing Sarajane Case of Persona Creative

Oh, hello

Hiiiiiiii, blog. It’s been a few weeks! I’m sorry for neglecting you but I just wouldn’t have done you, thus myself, justice.

Hit Re-set

My blogging hiatus ends this week and I’m picking up right where I left off–with a can’t-help-but-enjoy-it music Monday! (Last music Monday’s coffee shop music was too good–so good, those songs are still on my current playlist.) And then my ending-streak will continue with some quality content and special little things coming this week and many, many weeks to come! (If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve noted my recent struggle and challenge to get my life together–this included some legit planning for my blogging adventures.)

On Repeat

First thing’s first: current mainstream jam, which I can’t get enough of. A friend recently played this and I never would have guessed it was One Republic. It made sense after listening to it on repeat dozens of times (we know I love a good song on repeat).

Kids by One Republic

Music Monday: Refreshed

I’ve hit refresh and I did it with the help of some good music. It’s sooooooo starting to feel like fall here in Asheville–I’m talking 50s and 60s! I didn’t even have to force wearing a beanie or a scarf too prematurely, aka being in my element has been totally natural. Something about these songs–they are light, catchy and refreshing and have been the perfect motivation and company.

And when you smile for real, it makes me smile for real.


Need U by Elijah Noll

Second Nature by Stalking Gia

For Real by Mallrat

Bend or Break by Sameblood x Gabriel Gassi

Killing Me by Ofelia K

Too Fast Too Soon by Zola

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