A FaceTime Chat With My Sister: World Cup, Part I

November 12, 2016

You know the feeling you get when you can’t sleep the night before Christmas because you’re just so excited!? I imagine that’s how my sister is feeling.

When I wake up tomorrow, it will be Sunday, Nov. 13. My sister will have already gone about her Nov. 13 for 2016 and onto Nov. 14, 2016. But it’s not just any ordinary Nov. 13 and 14. Nov. 13 is “Game Day Eve” and Nov. 14 is “Game Day.” Although it’s no orindary game day. It’s game day for World Cup.

My sister is on the US women’s u-20 national team. They are about to compete in FIFA’s U20 Women’s World Cup 2016. We had an honorary World Cup FaceTime chat, which took place 6:16-7:15 p.m. EST time on Nov. 12, 2016 in America and 9:16-10:15 a.m. Nov. 13, 2016 in New Guinea.

Here are the highlights and conversational events, part i:

  • I got emotional and started crying when she told me she was starting. Literally crying. #proudsister
  • She peed in a cup–just a normal part of her daily routine for hydration testing.
  • “I painted my toes gold so every time I put my shoes on, I’ll be dreaming of gold.” -Parker
  • Our mom texted Park and said, “relax and be you, you are awesome!” and most likely with a bunch of emojis. Not to confuse the motivational text my mom accidentally sent me two nights ago instead of to my sister:2016-november-screenshot-text-from-mom_usa-u20-world-cup-parker-roberts
    It’s okay Kath, I could use some motivational texts too. She then informed Park that she got two of the girls crackers and M&Ms since their parents couldn’t go. #classickath, always lookin’ out.
  • Parker: “Hmmmm, hold on I’m writing in my journal.”
    Me: “You have a journal?”
    Parker: “Yeah, mom recommended it but I actually do it.”
  • I learned that my parents wrote her a card a day that she’s there from Oct. 30-Nov. 25. I did the math. That’s 27 days, about an average of $3 +/- a card plus tax, which turns out to be arounddddddddddddd $87ish, which is equivalent to my groceries for the week or the pair of shoes in my shopping cart at Zara.

Motivational cards and quotes from my dad coming soon in FaceTime chat with my sister, part ii.