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Hi, I’m just ferriss! #InstaTideChallenge

December 30, 2016

Competition will always exist in business but community is sincerely stronger. With so many of us looking to inspire, why not come together!? #CommunityOverCompetition

I don’t always pour out info about myself on social media–I tend to express myself through my style and music. But earlier this year I did something new and participated in an Instagram Challenge, the #InstaTideChallenge, in which I shared some info about myself in response to prompts along with thousands of other people–brought to you by Rising Tide Society. It ended up being a very rewarding experience and a meaningful opportunity to not just extend my reach, but see how others are diving into the creative community and connecting with others in it through product, services and things that inspire them.

To my new followers or in case you missed it on Insta, I thought I’d re-introduce myself as we wrap up 2016 with a recap of the #InstaTideChallenge. Hi! I’m Ferriss, the not so simple girl, who lives a simple life, behind just ferriss. This definitely isn’t all you need to know but if I had to cover some ground, here it is! From some basics and little things about me to my morning routine to what inspires me and keeps me fueled–hiiiiiiiii, I am the reach-for-the-stars, coffee-drinking, fashion-lover, family-first, not-so-simple-girl-living-a-simple-life-girl behind just ferriss!

Day 1: 5 Things About Myself

My name almost wasn’t Ferriss–until I came out with red hair!

Hiiiiiii, friends!👋🏻👋🏻 Today is #MakeWavesMonday! Along with thousands of other people, I'm sharing 5 things about myself to kick off the #InstaTideChallenge (because positive energy, inspiration and creativity is all around!) 1️⃣My original Instagram name was "ferrbaby" (one of my many nicknames) but after years of introducing myself as "just ferriss," I subtly changed it to "justferriss," which I quickly identified with and was inspired to turn it into my personal brand. 2️⃣My dad has called me Sunshine since the day I was born. My family consists of my favorite and the most wonderful humans in the entire world. 3️⃣I made Asheville my home after leaving Kansas City to play soccer and go to school at UNC Asheville. 4️⃣I am as easily captivated with things as I am bored with things. My endless curiosity of the world is stimulating and overwhelming. 5️⃣My parents were deciding between two names for me. Ferriss is a family name. When I came out with red hair unexpectedly (surprise!), my parents said I "looked just like a Ferriss." And so Ferriss Amelia Roberts was born, hiiiiii.🤗 Share a fact about yourself, readyyyyy, go go go!👇🏻💋💋 (📸, @sarajanecase x @personacreative)

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Day 2: Routine

Skin care, skin care, skin care–day and night.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!👋🏻👋🏻 It's #InstaTideChallenge day 2 with @risingtidesociety and we're talking about routine.🐣🦄 I had routine my entire life- from waking up, going to bed and everything in between. As I've transitioned from the student-athlete world and life with roommates to "adulthood" and a one-bedroom apartment living by myself, my routines haven't transitioned as seamlessly as I try to make time and room for all of the people and things and binge-watching marathons. Every day I'm trying to find my new routine but there's one thing I've always been adamant about and that's my skincare routine, morning and night (I get it from my momma). I spend my mornings happily in my bathroom getting ready, sipping tea, listening to music or podcasts –> waking up with me and my scattered self, today on my Instastory!💋💋 What's YOUR morning routine?

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Day 3
Share Some Of Your Work

That time I wore a Vera Wang bridal dress on a mountaintop with Shelby Tsika Photo!

Good morning, friends!🌞 I don't always (or ever) have wedding magazines sitting on my coffee table but when I do.. there's a reason. It's #InstaTideChallenge day 3 and we're playing show and tell!🙈 I always have fresh flowers scattered in little vases in my apartment.🌹One of my favorite things about blogging are the relationships I've made with friends and the creative community here in Asheville- and beyond! One of those lovely souls has been @shelbytsikaphoto. I got to do a photoshoot.. on a mountaintop.. and play bride.. in a @verawangbride wedding dress (casual).👰 I got my hair and makeup done all fancy for the first time ever.🦄 This is one project that brings me happiness because it reminds me that I had to start somewhere for these kinds of relationships to ever cultivate. While she's been busy making her dreams a reality, little did I know what was in store while I've just been just trying to keep my blog alive. People inspiring people, y'all.❤️✨(PS! She's sharing photos from our shoot tomorrow at the launch of her NEW! website, and she's having a prelaunch party all week long with special giveaways and announcements so go follow along!) What brings YOU joy? Happy Wednesday, y'all! 💋💋

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Day 3
My Favorite Quote

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to change the world and a desire to enjoy it. This makes it hard to plan my day.” The first time I read it I felt connected to it–it’s stuck ever since!

Day 4
Something You Care Deeply About

My roots.

Are you sure you want to challenge me with this #InstaTideChallenge day 4? Challenge accepted! Something I Care Deeply About, Part I: Meet #Craigy and #SweetKath. The two people who have never given up on me, even at times when they had every reason to. The two most precious people (if you can't tell by this photo) who humor me, tell me I'm right, tell me I'm wrong, tell me to get it together, tell me it's going to be okay; who have guided me in the right direction, who are the most honest, kindest and caring people I've ever met in my life–and also the most irritating at times but only because you're my parents. The people who make me laugh and cry daily from almost 900 miles away. I can't imagine my life without your presence and the love you've given me and the love you put into the world. You're a part of all of my stories and will be forever. I love you more than any Instagram post could ever express in words. I finish this post in tears thinking about the privileged life I live, knowing that tomorrow or in an hour I'll whine to you about something meaningless and ridiculous but that's what makes us, us. Thanks for giving me beautiful red hair even though you didn't mean to, the most wonderful sister, brother and future sister-in-law, a heart too big for my own good and so much more. #FOE, y'all.❤️❤️ So to sum it up, family and these two humans are what I care about. They're the gosh darned cutest, aren't they? What do YOU care about? 💭✨

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Day 4
Something You Care Deeply About

My environment.

Something I Care Deeply About for #InstaTideChallenge day 4, Part II: My environment.🌎🌞 The environment you choose to be in is essential to who you will choose to be. Where you invest your love, you invest your life, right? I tend to get caught up in how the world can be better, how I can make it a better place, how simplicity can make the world a better place, how I can be better. I get so caught up in those thoughts, and lost at times, I have a hard time getting to the "do." And the problem with that is that I'm a do-er, I have always been a do-er! I have visions and I pursue those visions and I get sh*t done! And I surprise myself of what I'm capable of time after time. This photo is from a couple of years ago and every time I see it, for some reason it takes me to a place where all of a sudden it becomes clear how I can get meaningful things done. Maybe it was the time, maybe it was the place or maybe it was the beanie, oversized sweater, jeans or my long hair. Whatever it was, it's time to get things done because I care about making the world around me a better place and whatever environment I'm in, I'm going to make it the best I can for that moment! 👊🏻✨ What do you CARE about? #myhappynow #makeithappen

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Day 5
Someone Who Inspires You

None other than the ever-inspiring Sarajane Case!

#InstaTideChallenge day 5, #TheFinale: Someone Who Inspires You.✨Lets talk about being inspired, shall we? This particular challenge got me thinking that I should share more of the people who inspire me. I am fascinated by people and I think women are beautiful humans. For those of you who know me, you know I have hardcore girl crushes. For those of you who don't know me, well I have hardcore girl crushes. Like @kendalljenner, @elliegoulding, @gwenstefani, @alwaysjudging, @happilygrey, @leandramedine and @aw and while I'm inspired by these people and so many others for different reasons, one person came to mind in particular who sincerely inspires me. @sarajanecase, I'm crushing on you today! | Sarajane must be one of the most inspirational humans. When she speaks, you know she means it (and she has a way with words!). She radiates beauty and authenticity. Her perspectives have been thoughtfully curated over time and life events as she's chosen the person she wants to be, which is what makes her perspectives so valuable. The best part is, she shares her perspectives with us and though she shares it with thousands of people who follow her, it feels incredibly personable. Whether it's a tweet, Instagram, Facebook or blog post, something lights up inside me and she makes me feel like I can turn my scattered thoughts into tangible things that help me connect to my true self while genuinely connecting with others. She embraces the simplicity in the complexities of life. She is empowered in the power of choice, intention and the art of self-expression and it shines through in her presence and work. | Sarajane, you help people with life goals but let's be honest, you ARE #lifegoals. Maybe it's a redhead thing or maybe it's true inspiration😉, you simply inspire me! I'm so glad to know your beautiful soul, have the chances I do to work with you and call you a friend! Am I being sappy enough for you yet? #fangirl #communityovercompetition #friYAY | Who inspires you?✨✨

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My favorite was what do you care most about? As a very passionate person, I had no problem sharing this one. So I want to ask you the same thing! What do you care most about? XOXO

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