Lint Rollers Are For Grown-Ups: Meet Flint

December 12, 2016

Lint rollers are for grown-ups, flint rollers are for everyone–but especially your stylish friend on the go. And everyone who seriously needs to do routine or the occasional lint-roll.

I grew up thinking lint rollers were for grown-ups. I didn’t grow up with a dog that sheds and if I ever needed to use a lint roller for some residue here and there on my velour Juicy suits (I had every color) or mostly-black wardrobe, I’d go and borrow my dad’s because he always had one–because he was a grown-up.

Well, my friends, the time has come–the time has been-come, probably. It’s time for the end of lint™–it’s time for f’lint! Because I’m a grown-up. Or something like that.

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Meet Flint — The Retractable Lint Roller

I discovered the cutest lint roller (flint roller) on Instagram when I had post notifications from @meet.flint. I stumbled on over to their account and was into it immediately–from their photos, feed aesthetics, bio and the simplest design in captivating colors, I was ready to have my own flint roller(s). So I ordered two–pink and gold–because I couldn’t decide which color to get! Could you?

Put it in your pocket, put it in your purse, keep one in your car, keep one in your desk, keep one on your entry-way table at home–but primarily, keep it in your pocket or purse because you can and you’ll never regret it. You’ll be the life of the party when someone says, “I really need a lint roller right now” and you’re all casual like, “Oh! I have one–here.” *Cue gasping and questions here*

Did I mention how amazingly well it works!? It’s like magic anytime I use it–and I’m talking heavy duty dog hair.

Shop Flint Roller

The perfect conversation starter, the perfect must-have item, the perfect item on-the-go that never lets you–or your friends–down.

Shop the Flint Roller–the award-winning retractable lint roller–from my holiday gift guide, my holiday gift top picks, Amazon or straight from Flint! Don’t forget to order extra rolls of sheets!

photography, Joseph Dix Photography