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My Top Picks: Holiday Gift Guide Favorites

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December 3, 2016

My holiday gift guide has been a dream come true — and it’s only the beginning of December! This collection was thoughtfully curated from shops, brands and products of my friends and local businesses in Asheville, NC, combined with some of my favorite products that make perfect and thoughtful gifts for anyone.

From stocking stuffers to luxury items, for sister or sister-in-law, mom or dad, holiday party host or significant other, these are my top picks from my holiday gift guide! 🙂 (PS, prices range from $8-84, you’re welcome).

Long Cupro Scarf › Rachel Weisberg

This long, versatile luxe scarf will make your outfit and accessories dreams come true. I am obsessed with it. Dress it up, dress it down, wrap it, bundle it–whatever you do, just add this piece to your wardrobe or gift it to someone you know would love it as much you.

» Shop Rachel Weisberg ($48)

Rose Water Spray › Rootfoot

Nourish the heart and enliven the spirit with the PERFECT stocking stuffer and little treat for anyone. You haven’t experienced the ultimate daily refresh–morning, day or night–until you have Rootfoot’s Organic Rose Water Hydrosol. (I actually “enliven my spirit” 3-4 times a day.) To restore skin’s youthfulness and radiance, mist freely. I’m about to buy about 10 to gift to all of my people (spoiler alert, xoxo).

» Shop Rootfoot ($15)

Textured Brass Bangles › Rachel Weisberg

Arm party game on fleeeeeeeeek with this brass bangle set. Every girl needs a set of bangles to slide on with any outfit. This set is all you’ll ever need for the rest of your life.

» Shop Rachel Weisberg ($78)

La Vie Skinny Scarf › Noonday Collection

justferriss // my holiday gift guide top picks, #jfxholiday

Chokers have been trending for the last couple of years (circa 1990s and 2000s!). This modern day skinny scarf is the perfect scarf and necklace accessory all in one (plus, try it as a belt or headband!). I opted for the choker x hair-tuck in one. What girl wouldn’t love this dazzling, versatile and contemporary piece? I’ll take one for myself, please!

» Shop Noonday Collection ($52)

Retractable Lint Roller › Flint

Don’t even get me started on the best invention ever created. This lint roller will seriously change your life–which is why you need to gift it to anyone and everyone so they’ll love you for life. Fit it in your purse, pocket and keep one on your entryway table for a quick Flint before you head out for the day. Shop your color of choice (don’t forget an extra roll of sheets!).

» Shop Flint ($7.99-9.99)

Fashion Illustrations › Rachel Weisberg

Personalize the sh*t out of your gift to your girlfriend with the cutest Fashion Illustration. I am such a sucker for fashion sketches and Rachel Weisberg’s are my fashion sketch dreams come true (I have three hanging in my apartment). Framed prints are available for purchase in Scout Boutique in Biltmore Village (Asheville). To custom order: Contact Rachel directly from her website.

» Contact Rachel Weisberg (prices vary)

Map of the World Canvas Wallet › My A La Mode

I can’t say enough about my canvas wallet–it was love at first sight! It’s one of my favorite accessories I own. Get the deets on this product from my original blog post.

» Shop My A La Mode ($54)

Palo Santo › Rootfoot

justferriss // my holiday gift guide top picks, #jfxholiday

Not only do I keep my Palo Santo on my coffee table, I move it from room to room with me. Rootfoot’s products are crafted for humans to facilitate a direct connection between humans and the Earth. The Rootfoot brand is “focused on sharing plant wisdom with others in modern form,” and for me, Palo Santo does just that. Whenever I burn my Palo Santo, I imagine where it came from and I feel the energy that fills my room from the Earth. If there’s anything I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, it’s that our relationship with the Earth is one worth working on! Anyone would love you for gifting them a Palo Santo Bundle.

» Shop Rootfoot ($18)

Etched Wine Bottles › Mano’s Wine

Whether you’re showing up to a holiday party, shopping for the newly-engaged, newlyweds, mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother-in-law, father-in-law, aunt, uncle–okay, you get the picture. Basically, Mano’s Wine has got you covered with the most admirable etched wine bottles ever–you can even customize!

» Shop Mano’s Wine ($39.95 and up)

Birthstone Necklace › Fox and Beaux

I got my amethyst birthstone necklace from Fox and Beaux in April. I have worn it every day since and gifted one to my sister on her birthday this year. Such a perfect and personalized gift that’s wearable, charming and timeless.

» Shop the Birthstone Dangle Necklace Collection ($84) For questions or to personalize/customize, contact them.

Wrap It Up

When it’s time to wrap everything up, head to Duncan and York Modern Market in downtown Asheville for the cutest holiday wrapping paper, cards and gift bags! (Give them a call and special order things if you can’t make it to the boutique.)

» Shop Duncan and York Modern Market

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