The Perfect Personalized Gift: Mano’s Wine

December 14, 2016

When you have a holiday party but no idea what to get the host. Or your brother who already has everything. And then you remember you still have to get your friend a gift who just got married a wedding–slash Christmas gift? And then you’re like, I guess I’ll get everyone Mano’s Wine for the perfect personalized gift (using my special 20 percent discount code when you order Dec. 14-21!).

Jackpot. Mano’s Wine–where there is a gift for anyone and everyone, no matter the relationship, no matter the occasion. (Over the age of 21, of course.)

The Perfect Personalized Gift

Whether you’re showing up to a holiday party, shopping for the newly-engaged, newlyweds, the sports fanatic, graduate, office party, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother-in-law, father-in-law, aunt, uncle–okay, you get the picture. Basically, Mano’s Wine has got you covered with the most admirable etched wine bottles ever for any and every occasion–you can even customize! Who wouldn’t love one? I’m actually obsessed. #gotogift

Not only is the best part that you get to enjoy a lovely bottle of your favorite red or white wine, but it’s a wine bottle worth keeping forever. I use mine as a vase and I smile every time I look at it.

Use My Special Discount Code To Get 20% Off

The personalized detail is so subtle and meaningful–it’s the perfect way to personalize a gift for anyone. I am so excited to offer a 20 percent discount for all my readers–use the promo code “FERRISS” at checkout from Wednesday, Dec. 14–Wednesday, Dec. 21 to get 20 percent off your order. Plan on it to arrive in time for Christmas–and there is always New Year’s! 🙂

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photo, Joseph Dix Photography