My Workout Playlist On Spotify (Part I)

January 9, 2017

What are your favorite songs to workout to!? I’d love to add them to my workout playlist!

If there’s one thing to motivate you to workout, it’s a good workout playlist–songs that pump you up. It’s science–music can boost your mood and have an impact on the effectiveness of your workout. Say what!?

And this year, I vow to start working out again! And not because it’s my New Year’s resolution (I don’t really do the whole New Year’s resolution thing), but after being home with family for a good amount of  time, now seems like a good time to hit refresh on aspects of my life where I’ve been struggling–working out being one of them.

Having trouble finding motivation to workout? Cute workout gear, good water bottle, some structure and a plan and a good workout playlist are only a few ways to get your workout in.

My Workout Playlist

photo, Sarajane Case