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Cute Wine Bottle Ideas feat. Mano’s Wine

· don't worry, be yonce ·

February 17, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably noticed cute wine bottles filling my feed for the past year. Thanks to the creativity and brilliance of Mano’s Wine, you get more than just delectable wine when you order a bottle. You get a cute wine bottle–good wine plus PLUS a cute wine bottle for the win!

I love Mano’s Wine so much in fact, I just did my third giveaway in partnership with them. I never get tired of sharing my favorite things with my followers–it pays to stick with what you know and love, am I right!? The custom-etched and hand-painted wine bottles are the best personalized gifts for anyone and everyone. Their new Emoji bottle collection is gold–who wouldn’t love one? Then there are pretty little bottles with sweet quotes like this that are perfect for every girl. The best part is that they’re absolutely timeless! Once I finish the wine, I always keep a fresh arrangement of flowers in my bottle on display in my apartment.

I have their “I Like The Way You Work It” bottle with my name on it (pictured)–talk about personalizing! I loved the Don’t Worry Be Yonce bottle so much, I just had to give one away–and timing was perfect given the whole recent Grammys showdown. And in case you missed her mesmerizing performance, here it is. #QueenBey4ever

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my giveaway. It means so much when you connect with me and I get to share my favorite things with you! Congrats to @marahsage — you’re the winner! 🙂 Now for everyone else, treat yourself or a friend to the perfect gift and shop Mano’s Wine! Happy Friday. Xx