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Weekend Street Style Outfit Idea

· that one time street style almost died (but came back stronger than ever) ·

February 11, 2017

Good news: street style is about the art of personal style again. Not only that–but appreciating the art of personal style. During New York Fashion Week, let’s reflect on the evolution of street style–inspired by this street style outfit idea for the weekend, featuring a metallic skirt, Adidas, fishnet socks, an embroidered graphic blouse and a combo of minimal and maximal luxury everyday metals (links to shop at bottom of post). Note: At one time, this outfit was too much effort and not enough cool to be considered street style.

Preface: Street style is an evolution and I feel confident in saying that street style is — as Man Repeller puts it perfectly — personal again. What exactly does that mean? Basically, being yourself is cooler than trying (so hard) to look like.. everyone else.

Chapter One: The concept of street style was inspired by the ease of getting ready. You threw something on–something that would be considered fashionable or influential–and without trying to be anything, you were street-style ready and it was admirable. Once motivated by the authenticity of an outfit–and the person wearing it–in one of its lives, street style started to become too much about the “ease” as it appeared in casually snapped photos, and not enough about the art of personal style.

Chapter Two: Before we knew it, ease was turning into effortless only it wasn’t actually effortless–it was appearing to be effortless. *Cue the age of the “cool girl”* And it wasn’t long before everyone, from the inside-out, started figuring out that appearing to be cool effortlessly (don’t even try) was lots of wasted energy on trying too hard–only to look like everyone else. So street style died, the end. JUST KIDDING.

Climax: Looking like everyone else got boring, thus street style got boring–but it wasn’t time for street style to die!

Chapter 3: Breaking news: Being yourself is in. Well, it’s always been in but there’s a greater shared appreciation of it now. Rather than trying to be the epitome of street style, people are being the epitome of their very own selves. The people have spoken!–okay the people have expressed, what street style means. And it means appreciating the art of personal style again. And that’s the beauty of it–it doesn’t mean you have to like or dislike it. You just… appreciate it.


Final Chapter: Here’s to the people who redefined street style and kept it alive to its fullest. Because of you, I get to declare this outfit a “street style outfit.” In conclusion, Leandra always keeps it real:

“It’s almost as if the show-goers have become immune to the swath of photographers that litter the streets outside the shows. They’re just there to do their jobs, like everyone else is. And it seems like we are realizing that for them to do their jobs, that is, capture honest-to-God style, all we have to do is be honest. Which makes getting dressed so much easier. And that ease? That’s what started this whole thing in the first place.”

Shop The Look

Metallic Skirt. Can be found at Scout Boutique in Biltmore Village in Asheville. Can’t make it in? Call lady boss store owner Dema Badr, (828) 505-1984, and she’ll make sure to get it to you!

Embroidered Blouse. Sold out at Zara — shop graphic-embroidered button-ups via Reformation here, herehere and here.

Adidas. Shop via Zappos, Asos, Macy’s and Journey’s.

Fishnet socks. Shop trend via Free People.

Jewelry. Shop everything I’m wearing here in this post.

Crossbody. Shop similar-inspired items via Zara.