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Box Clutch: Where to Find and Places to Shop

March 29, 2017

I like to wear the same accessories all the time — it’s easy, mindless and I appreciate the consistency that it brings to my getting-ready process and outfits. While I don’t mix up my accessories often, I’ve gotten into carrying different purses recently. I must say it all really started when I discovered this one box clutch. And then I got another box clutch and now I’m in the midst of building a box clutch collection, in which time I’ve also become known for my box clutches.

No matter which box clutch I’m carrying, every time I carry it, people stop and compliment me–and not just women! Men also love them. Other than looking fabulous, they’re great conversation starters and of course people always ask where I get them. Sooooooo it seemed like it was time to share some of my favorite box clutches and wear to buy them!

The real-deal box clutches are Alexandar McQueen, Edie Parker, Dolce and Gabanna and Charlotte Olympia. You’ll also find drool-worthy ones that are worth investing in by Milly, Alice + Olivia and Karl Lagerfield. Thanks to my momma, I’ve got just the place where you can find the box clutch of your dreams that’s affordable, durable and perfect for all of your outfits from here on out.


Nordstrom has a whole gallery you won’t be able to get enough of with prices ranging from I-can-buy-that-right-now to I’ll-save-up-for-that-one to I’ll-keep-dreaming-about-that-one. I encourage you to buy right now the one pictured here (only $98, y’all). I am on the verge of ordering this one, this one, this one aaaaand this beauty. Meanwhile, I’m potentially saving up for this one and I’ll keep dreaming of this one. And this one. Thank you, Nordstrom.


Thanks to my mom, I discovered Fornash–home of the monogrammed box ! There’s plenty more where that came from — shop box clutches (and more cute monogrammed things) via Fornash.


I am loving this one from Asos but they’ve got plenty for you to choose from! Asos is always a good place to find designer-inspired products that are both classic and trending. Happy shopping.


The box clutch collection by Milly you’ll find floating the internet is box clutch dreams and goals. They fall somewhere on the spectrum of saving-for and dreaming-of. Here, here (slay), here and here (okay so it’s not quite a box but it fits the mold and is ADORABLE).

Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness wins. This box clutch is to die for. Definitely saving for.

When in doubt–just browse Polyvore. If you find a box clutch online, share the URL to the product in a comment on this post! :-* XOXO