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just ferriss favorites: Something Just Like This X Infinite High Remix

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March 20, 2017

Ohhhhh, music Monday on just ferriss — how I’ve missed you! I come at you with a fresh music Monday with some of my current favorite mainstream jams (aka things you’ll find on the radio) that I can’t stop playing on repeat, plus some of my forever favorites (which are usually remixes and things you won’t find on the radio). These are DEFINITELY ones to add to your playlist, ta-ta-ta-today, jun’ya!

My sister recently visited me and I was reminded that so many of my favorite songs seriously and truly never–I mean NEVER get old. We were cooking in the kitchen one night and my sister was in the mood for new Ed Sheeran or new John Mayer vibes–both of which I love and can’t get enough of–but I was in the mood for a little something with rhythm, beat and movement. So, I said, “HEY–just let me play this playlist and I promise you’ll love it.” And sure enough… just a few songs into the playlist and she was like, “Okay, you were right. This is really good.” And as for the mainstream jams that I discovered after she left town that would have been perfect while she was in town–well, they easily fall into this mix.

This makeup of songs is seriously good any time of day, any occasion. Driving here and there, in the kitchen, getting ready–morning or night, even working or studying or writing, I catch myself listening to my “Forever Favorites” and go-to playlist any time. Some of these songs I’ve listened to for 2-3 years and they stilllllll aren’t old! Something about that–a song never getting old–fascinates me. (I guess that’s why I love the Beatles so much!)

I look forward to listening to Drake’s new album but in the meantime, I give you–just ferriss favorites. 

Current Mainstream and Radio Favorites

Something Just Like This — The Chainsmokers x Coldplay

But seriously, can you think of a better combo? Just when you though The Chainsmokers couldn’t do better than Paris, Closer or anything else, they come out with this. #onrepeat

Wild Love by Elle King

This song is catchy AF and so stimulating. Why shouldn’t we love for the fun of it or make some more and give it away? Also, if you haven’t seen it in the new Estee Lauder commercial, check itttttttt!

Forever Favorites

Every single song in this playlist is seriously a favorite without hesitation so it’s really hard to narrow it down but if I had to–here’s the best I can do. Otherwise, you can catch the whole playlist on my SoundCloud or Spotify. NOTE: Some of the songs are only available on SoundCloud, which you can still access without a paid account. Happy listening, xoxo!

  • Across the Sea — Falqo
  • Grizzly Bear (Lakechild Remix) — Angus and Julia Stone
  • Paralyzed (Aeroplane Remix) — Mystery Skulls
  • Lost in the Water (USB Players Remix) — The Ironix
  • Burn Fast (Louis Vivet Remix ) — Bryce Fox
  • Gold (Thomas Jack Remix) — Gabriel Rios
  • Dirty Work — Sam Padrul feat. Patrick Baker
  • Act of God (Robotaki Remix ) — Tyler Touche feat. Jason Gaffner
  • SO. GOOD. (Caleb L’Etoile Remix) — Johnny Stimson
  • Kidz (DGTO Remix) — Rhodz feat. Besnine
  • You & Me — Adam Trigger vs. Jupiter Project
  • Infinite High (Dim Sum Remix) — Panama Wedding
  • Never Done This — Quinn XCII
  • Make Them Wheels Roll — SAFIA
  • Tired of Talking (A-Trak & Corey Enemy Remix) — Leon
  • Need U — Elijah Noll
  • Know the Light — Tsorf

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