just ferriss // bartaco asheville, #bartacosecret

bartaco asheville — the cutest taqueria for any occasion

May 1, 2017

Let’s taco ’bout bartaco Asheville (get it!?)–the cute restaurant you can’t help but stare at as you walk or drive by, just wishing you were sitting on that amazing patio right about now. I have been on a date, taken the family, gone for dinner and drinks with friends aaaaaaand enjoyed a night out to catch up with a girlfriend alllllll at bartaco. So basically, bartaco can be in the running for just about anyone and anything–because not only are the vibes cozy, friendly and pleasant, the menu is also accommodating for your healthy or food-sensitive needs.

just ferriss // bartaco asheville, #bartacosecret

(Note about the patio: When it’s raining, like in this photo, indoor dining vibes are still one hundred. So here is a photo of the patio that does it justice!)

photo: asheville citizen-times

I loveeeeee trying new restaurants — especially in Asheville considering the endless number of places there are to go! — but I also love having my go-to places. Sometimes I just don’t want to make any decisions (because I’ve already made so many at work that day) and it’s relieving to go somewhere I’m comfortable, familiar and know I can enjoy without thinking twice about it. While I have many go-to spots in Asheville for different things (beer, wine, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee — you know, the daily necessities), I have recently fallen in love with the cutest little spot that’s made it’s way to Asheville!

I recently enjoyed dinner at bartaco Asheville with a plus one — so I invited my sweet boss lady friend, Dema, the savvy and fabulous woman of Scout Boutique (and Modern Blackbook) to join me.

We were greeted with friendly faces, radiant smiles and a contagious energy that immediately set the stage for a delightful evening–which consisted of the FRESHEST cocktails, holy moly guacamole, delicious tacos and personable customer service the whole night.

Despite the several times I’ve been to bartaco, I explore the menu with a different curiosity each time. I have my favorites that are always reliable (see below) and then I like to make sure I try something new or mix it up depending on my mood. This time around, I tried the #bartecosecret taco (Shhhh! Just kidding, ask about their secret taco on the menu–they change it up month to month, so there’s always an element of surprise!).

Dinner By The Item

We started with the #bartacosecret cocktail. All I can tell you is that it’s OMG delicious and I would have easily enjoyed more than one. Imagineeeeeee your favorite traditional margarita only a little less lime-bite and a hint of chai. It made for the most refreshing beverage that’s a good alternative to your traditional margarita. We mixed it up and followed up with something equally as pretty and delectable, only a little sweeter–the smoked marasca. The good news is, though sweet, they make all of their drinks fresh with real ingredients so it’s a natural sweetness and flavor you can’t get enough of. (PS, this is a VERY photogenic and Instagrammable pic–I just got distracted and failed to get one).

We obviously started with crispy tortillas and made-fresh-to-eat guacamole. I can’t think of anything I like more than homemade guac (okay, bacon is the only thing I like more).

Timeeeeee to order so we went with the baja fish (a classic and my favorite–you can’t not get this one!); Dema went with the fried oyster, which I hear is a fan favorite and many of you have convinced me to get next time; I got spicy chorizo (another one of my favorites); aaaaaand for the final taco! This is where I usually mix it up–I loveeeeee the cauliflower taco, but we both opted for the #bartacosecret taco, considering the evening’s theme was #bartacosecret. Maybe it was the intrigue… or maybe it was the taco! Either way, it was delicious.

To sum it up… bartaco Asheville for all of your night-out vibes! (Especially since Cinco de Mayo is riiiiiight around the corner!)