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Lauv, Calvin Harris, new Autograf original and artist collabs like whoa: Songs to play on repeat

· if you listen to any of these: adrenaline ·

September 12, 2017

Bloggedddddddd, while… listening to the songs below on repeat (obviously) and also while ordering things for my girlfriend’s upcoming bachelorette party. Also, the power went out for a bit because #HurricaneIrma.

Seven songs added to my super catchy for the summer playlist on Spotify, check. My current song choice usually reflects my current mood orrrrrr it’s whatever I’ve stumbled upon and can’t get enough of (they seem to often go hand in hand). In this case, it’s been the perfect occasion of my mood and what I’ve managed to come across, yasssss.

Currently, if you catch me in the car, at my computer, getting ready (day or night — includes shower), cleaning, blogging, editing photos (okay, you get it), these are the songs you’ll find me listening to over and over (literally and intentionally). I have this thing with playing songs on repeat.

Here is my current list, which sounds and looks a lot like this post’s featured image featuring an essential rose leotard, btw, that you can shop here because you need it. You can also download my playlist on Spotify, super catchy for the summer, featuring the songs here and more like it which have been in the queue since June and are lyrical and melodic blessings to music. Press playyyyyy and enjoy, my friends! Xx

Slide – Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos

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Havana – Camila Capello feat. Young Thug

Half of my heart is not in Havana but it’s certainly in this song.

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Adrenaline – Lauv 

This is my current all-time fav and has been added to my forever favorites #justferrissjams playlist, which is full of all of the classicsssss and songs that don’t get old

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Sleepless In NYC – Autograf

That newnewwwww and original by Autograf is s’good. #pressplay

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Rollin – Calvin Harris, Future and Khalid

I don’t even know what to say about this one, it’s just really good.

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Heatstroke – Calvin Harris feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande

Holyyyy artist collaboration.

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Dirty Water – Marc E. Bassy

Try NOT to sing this one out loud.

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Candy Paint – Post Malone

He’s consistent and this one is catchy AF.

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I Like Me Better – Lauv

Aww welllll this one is kind of sweet, like a modern day wedding song – particularly if you are “young and in love and in New York City” (none of which I am/do).

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just a little bit more

Download/open the full playlist in Spotify. Check out more play-on-repeat worthy tunessssssssss here.