just ferriss is a music, life and personal style blog that reflects a girl’s journey of curiosity and self-discovery through a lifelong love of fashion, music and wellness. Originally from Kansas City, just ferriss is by a not so simple girl, living a simple life, who is energized and inspired by the endless possibilities of the world she discovers on a daily basis through the people, places and things in Asheville, NC.

Mantra: discover and rediscover

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When there are no words, there are #ootds. And music. And that is just how just ferriss was born. But there’s more to the story.

I’d have to say it all really started when I was a little girl — having fashion shows for my parents, forcing my sister to play dress up, spending countless hours putting outfits together for every occasion–or sometimes no occasion–shopping, clothes, tireless shopping plus online shopping and more clothes. For some, those are just childhood memories; for me, they were steps on my journey of curiosity and self-discovery.

As just ferriss developed and has evolved, I realized I was driven to inspire more than just my personal style. Music is just as much a part of my personal style as the clothes I’m wearing. I have always been captivated by lyrics, sounds, beats, rhythms, the meanings of songs–there is something powerful about relating to a song or an artist, connecting with others through music and what music can make you feel.

I live a simple life–energized and inspired (and at times overwhelmed) by the endless possibilities of the world. Whether I’m sharing my daily dose of outfit inspiration or my latest song #onrepeat, the essence of style–no matter what form–challenges me to stay present, embrace history, never stop learning and be the best version of me everyday.

I hope you discover something new and rediscover what you love. Here’s to connecting with and inspiring you, and cultivating positive energy through the simplicity of life, personal style, music and wellness.

May your curiosity guide you! Xx,